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I killed the curse rotted great wood and completely missed out Siegwald,Morne and the fire demon area, is it possible to trigger Siegwald’s quest now?
You can still access the FireDemon area in undead settlement and he will be there
Siegward is the best Dark Souls character and no one can change my mind
Long may the sun shine!
I got all the way until the end and the He died in the boas fight! I am so *****ing done with darksouls.
Same thing just happened to me and I’m pissed how am I suppose to beat the boss now doing 75 damage a hit...
hint, to anon two, you are supposed to kill him with a storm ruler's WA (fully charged one)
Just hit NG+1 and sped my way to the Undead Settlement. Once I arrived at the Giant Tower, I decided to get Seigward to activate his initial lift-descend animation and run back to save 'Touch Me' blind lady. In short, ran into tower, ran out as soon as the lift started moving. About 10 seconds later I get the 'whoosh' of souls sound and figured the giant got some kills or something fell down the nearby pit. Saved 'Touch Me' lady and proceeded to the tower, expecting to see Seigward. He wasn't there. Went down, got my frosty sword and grabbed the bonfire for next area, went back to the top, "I help any time", went back down to Old Demon, still no sign of Seigward. It was then that I figured that 'whoosh' of souls was him. Reloaded the area after clearing it, went back, and there it was - Seigwards Stormruler, Shield, and whole set, right by the lift.

I have no idea how that happened as he is scripted to be on the lift until it arrives, walk a few steps off it, and wait until you chat/leave, but alas, I assume running from the tower a sufficient distance probably despawned the background/lift and he randomly fell to his death?

Oh well, no Titan Slab for me in the Prison this run.
I love this guy, polite and brave, a real honorable knight.
"From the roof towards the stairs, there is an open window in the wall that you need to jump through. You will have to jump from the roof to enter, and it leads to the cell."

ffs what in the world is this moron trying to say?