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yeah i beat this boss by using wiki
On ng++ her spin attack will one shot at level 190 (50 vigor too), with max tier great lake rune, max tier lake rune, max tier clockwise metamorphasis rune, iron yahargul helm, beast hide garb, constable gloves, and harrowed trousers. C o o l
Simply do not get hit
Chikage +9 on NG works well
is no one gonna talk about how its design looks like a mutant version of the gold hemmed black set from ds1?
More like the guys outside the boss and shadows of yharnam.
I got her health bar to 0 and it didn't show that the battle ended for a hot sec. I thought there was going to be a second phase, she was much easier than I expected.
Also, after I beat her the whole place where you fortify weapons and put on blood gems burnt down. Is there anywhere else I can fortify or do blood gem things? Or do I have to wait until ng+?
The house burns but you can use it.
The pause is intentional, until the baby stops crying.
You all can keep Lady Maria, Mergo’s Wet Nurse is my waifu
I just experienced a rare glitch that makes so her second phase never began. It went night only after I defeated her. Since this was my first play through I thought the boss was way too easy. Thank God I got lucky and had a glitch :)
That happens alot to me when I use threaded cane. I didnt even know this thing had a second phase.
So perhaps the most important boss in the base game and no lore about her?
I mean, not really. Pretty sure it's just a lower tier great one protecting Mergo. The story is more about what gets revealed after killing them