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terrible weapon for pvp. suprisingly low damage, slow, easily punished. can be viable in duels if you are a god but dont even think about invading with these bad boys unless you like dying
You can cover a lot of its weaknesses with proper knowledge. The low damage can be compensated by comboing attacks into the weapon art and buffering a rollcatch afterwards, the speed can be compensated with a fast secondary for pressure, and you can roll out of the weapon arts startup to create mindgames for those that try to roll backstab you. They definitely aren’t as viable in invasions because of its reliance on pressure and mindgames, but you can use them to control space extremely well along with spells like profaned flame, seething chaos, and warmth. They are great when you have a teammate invader, but bad for fighting ganks.
Tip for pvp: Play as awkward as possible with them. Dont just spam l1 because you will die. Mixing up l1 and r1's can throw people off and backwards backstepping attacks seem to also throw people off. You just have to learn when to be defensive and offensive with this weapon :)
EDIT: This weapon is pretty good at level 90 (thats what my builds level is) . Just get 40 strength, 15 dex and decent hp and stamina. I reccomned at least 38 endurance and chloranthy ring +3 because these bad boys drain a lot of stamina. I have 18 dex because i use lkss in secondary slot so i can chase down if i need to but i dont really end up using it. Pontiffs right eye ring is also decent with these weapons for that extra damagr if you can land mixups.
Ok ok, this game has a nasty reputation in PvP, but nothing beats stunlock comboing a havelmonster host and his 3 friends to death at good old gank city

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