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no scaling at all... well but i guess my exorcist will do fine with darkmoonblade on this thing
It can be obtained very late and have low requirements with no scaling. Definitely weapon for veterans to make low level character get it somehow at low level(through sheer skill or friends help)designed specifically to abuse newbies. Even its special attack is designed as newbie buster.
If you are going for minimum requirements you have the stats to two-hand the gravelord sword. It’s a good choice for cutting the tail at a low level. The running attack is fast and powerful. Easiest way to cut the tail solo is to stay at a medium-far distance away from him to bait the diving attack. When he flies at you roll to the left, get behind him and position yourself directly beneath the tail. This will bait his tail slam attack allowing you to get 1-2 free hits. Remember you MUST position yourself DIRECTLY beneath the tail otherwise he will not follow up.
Solid advice, did it myself this way at lvl 18 lol, got some scales at the ash lake and blam im OP as F for this level.
No scaling making it a good candidate for raw infusion
It WOULD be a good candidate if it could actually be infused
Lol, you can’t infuse special weapons. Also it has no scaling, so you would be removing its non existent scaling to increase its damage?
High damage when fully upgraded (unlike the dragon great sword that even at max lvl does only 200-300 damage) but still not a good weapon for bosses such as 4 kings and death
I meant Seath
It depends on how high your lvl is, at lvl 18 this thing is the absolute***** compared to anything else, at this lvl the Claymore is nowere and the black knight halberd has a worse moveset and i dont even think i can use it (32 str and 18 dex?). But then again, who is crazy enough to finish the game at lvl 18 apart from myself.
"Obsidian Greatsword +5" Literally the first two words of the description: "This Greataxe"
gg accidentally killed him before cutting the tail
I widdled him down aswell but I decided to suicide rather than swing at his tail once more and risk killing him
Does this work with any pine resin?



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it should work with weaponbuffs, yes
Pretty sure trying to chop his tail off solo as a heavy melee gave me diabetes. Succeeded but just ouch.
LMAO am I the only who cut all the monsters tail in there first walkthrough? Including this.. well, as a Monster Hunter World veteran cutting monster tails is to basic asf
Idk why the hate but kudos homie.
Yeah you're the only one. Congrats. Also Congrats on being one of the cool people who say "lmao" and "lol" at themselves
I’ve noticed a lot of pretentious MH players recently. I play it myself, but I really don’t think its harder in any way than a Fromsoft game (Soulsborne, Sekiro). And by the way, Monster Hunter Wolrd “veteran”? That game has only been out for 2 and a half years, and its just easiër, plain and simple. You can “die” at least 3 times every hunt, you have MUCH more healing, getting hit by a big attack gives you I-frames (invincibility frames), you can just stay on the ground after getting hit while avoiding litterally ALL DAMAGE, you can superman-dive while also avoiding ALL DAMAGE, you can use the map to damage the monsters, you can always run away and even if you’re out of healing you can just farcaster back to camp and restock all of your items. These monsters have a much larger health-pool then DS bosses do, and that means that you’re gonna get hit a lot, hence the healing. But its so much easier to avoid damage alltogether. Cutting of the tail isn’t the point of playing Dark Souls, and being a MH player definetly doesn’t mean sh*t. “Monster Hunter World veteran” don’t make me laugh. MH is such a long and old series, there are so many more people who have much more experience with these games, and World is the easiest of them all. Your “Monster Hunter World veteran” claim doesn’t mean sh*t literally anywhere in the wrld. Go f*ck yourself.
This dude is mad triggered by MHW lol. I also play MHW and cut all the tails first play through in ds but I attribute that to being patient. MHW tail cutting is different. MHW is just a different game all together. Only thing similar is the lesson that no boss is dead until it's dead. Can't count how many times I've got a boss/monster to low health and get greedy only to get punished. Otherwise both games require a different skill set.
Well I'm a (insert what I think YOU think is an impressive title) which automatically validates my point, thus proving that I am so much better than all of these "souls" players and their "hard" game since I can do it so easily and play a "superior" game. Come on..It's 2020, there's already enough crap in the world, don't add to it.
Those "MHW Veterans" are also the first who get hit by the usual you-stand-behind-a-boss-attack while trying to cut of the tail