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Wtf Capcom why is Kirin white and not black?
Maybe, because black is usually represent the dragon element, and Kirin is a thunder base element elder dragon?
It's female armour is so sexy goddamn XD
Just had my first fight with a kirin. I use an insect glaive so I've gotten used to being the nimble one. Ended up chasing it back and forth across the Coral Highlands for what felt like forever and by the end of the fight I was sparking constantly and had only 1 potion left...then I get the thunderproof mantle lol. Next time I hunt it I'm taking that mantle and my hammer.
thunderproof mantle is a godsend in the battle, with all of the paralyzes and stuns. fake unicorn dragon deserves getting eaten alive by the rajang that shows up.
First kirin hunt on low rank got me like " meh ez. Why people *****in' about this one". And i take back my word as master rank guiding land kirin killed all my teammates
Low rank kirin was ez for my first elder dragon hunt. GL Master rank kirin , however, has killed all my teammates and knocked me out of the coral region.
So much for a fun-actiony game, with the introduction of jumpy, super high stamina creatures with a very low amount of time to hit them, this game just became for the super elite, and master Kirin is no exception. Holy F*** seriously, how the hell do you stop him for 3 seconds to land a good blow?
Stop being bad
Git gud