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I went to NG+4 but didn't find anything interesting. Enemy power based on your stats. Even if STR 99, you still have to slash enough times to kill the enemy. NG++ is not really attractive. If you choose to enter the champion covenant, normal enemies can also easily destroy you. Now I don't know if I will continue NG+5 or goodbye. The fact that you are weaker than enemies makes me bored. I want to become stronger, the game always makes you weak in every way. I play on pc sotfs and use mouse + keyboard + autohotkey instead of using controller hand. I know the game series souls because of the negative reviews of ds2. Now I have understood somewhat of the problem. I realized this game is only suitable for many people but I like solo. Actually more than 3 months and died many times to extreme stress... I chose the knight class and this is just my idle thoughts. Thanks and goodbye!
It's ok scrub. You're doing it wrong lmao
Goodbye! No one will miss you!
Sounds like you need to get gud...
this isn't for casuals, get lost scrub!
Dont listen to these biggots. I feel you, the other souls game have a much better solo experience
nothing interesting but u do it 4 times ? 0 credibility noob story
I hated it at first, but once u got the hang of it, it's good
I love how the people here make live this page. All the comments are very recent. !!! .
To clarify: The Wiki doesn't state this, but if one desired to do so, you can get 4 ascetics and kill one of the holders of their respective Great Soul 3 additional times after the first time to bypass the rest of them. Not recommended, considering you lose a lot of experience with the game, but it's always there.
Is this confirmed by anyone else?
Does *not* work (or at least, not on SOTFS)! I just did this by killing The Rotten 5 times in a row and the shrine won't open. My Soul Memory is low for this playthrough as I beelined for this as soon as I started NG+...
Was it a bad idea to start with the deprived class on my first play through of the game?
It doesn't really matter, you can still choose what your build is going to be by levelling up the stats you want.
Technically Deprived is the best class to start with, as it gives you greater control on how to spend your souls, and allocate your stat levelling. Works out the most soul-efficient!
I remember walking back into game stop throwing the game in the managers face and yelling because I kept losing “what kind of a game is this” I remember saying ... 3 days later I bought it back and after a week I finally beat it. Now, I have all 3 games, statue, and a friggin t shirt that says “you died”... this game along with the others is beyond excellent. Okay, I’ll stfu now.
god shut up
You sound massively autistic... and I doubt any of that actually happened besides you sucking at the game
You 2 are *****ing *****s.
what a fcking loser lol
You threw a game at the face of an employee Cruz u sucked?
wish me luck, 3 hours just to setup my controller. idk how many i need to beat this. beat the first one almost 2 weeks.
3 hours to set up a controller, eh? It will take 3 hours to break it.
The dlc is too hard. Going from the main game to the dlc now, for the first time, the difficulty doesnt make any sense.
I came back to the game after a long time with a sorcerer. The enemie***** so hard that if i wa***** once or twice i would die. So i switched to 100% block shield and a melee, and i got through it just fine. On bosses, it's mostly a dodge fest so you go naked with a big hitter weapon. Not too bad.