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I got hollow's ashes at where Yoel used to be, what is it use for?
Give that to the shrine handmaid and it will unlock Purging Stones, Poison Throwing Knifes and Ring of Sacrifice
If you kill the swordmaster in Firelink, but don't pick up his items, you can pick them up here instead.
They do not despawn in Firelink. So there is no reason to get them in Untended Graves
This is cool and all, but why do you go there? What sort of contraption or magic just makes you go through a door and go to an alternate reality? And at what point in traveling there do you go to the alternate reality?
It helps you end the game in a different way by taking the Eyes of the Fire Keeper so that you can summon her for one more different ending.
The Firelink Shrine in the Untended Graves is supposed to be the real one,the Firelink Shrine back in Cemetery of Ash is probably an illusion. The entire area is connected to the Cemetery's progress. If you take the silver serpent ring and visit the exact same place in the Untended one,the chest will be open as well.
This place was so weird first time. One shotted Ocerios and Champ gundyr, went through firelink and the chills were everywhere. Probably for me the scariest place in ds3.



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You're full of***** if your first time discovering Untended Graves was also in the same run as you CLAIM to have one-shotted not only Oceiros, but Champion Gundyr. Not only a false flex, but an unnecessary, if not extremely odd one.


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Leave him alone. He just got in here from Roblox trying to fast-track through puberty by flexing.
Want some lore ? Here, have some left over cut content and your finnest edgelord***** instead =)
I wonder, could one put the Cinders on their Thrones in Untended Graves? And if so, does this affect anyhow the gameplay?
Just tried, you cant unfortunately