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Can someone direct me to where Gwynevere calls Gwyndolin "brother"? I looked through all her dialogue I can't find it
She never does. My guess is that whoever wrote that confused Gwynevere and Yorshka, one of Gwyndolin's other sisters who appears in Dark Souls 3 and does call him brother.
Just tested (PTD, PS3): 28 poison arrows in NG, 49 in NG+ to finish him off. And be sure to bring something to read to fill out the waiting time...
I'll read the item descriptions
to finish him off, you say? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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I did the math in my head earlier, and it should take just over eleven minutes on NG, and just over 33 minutes on NG+. My math may be of by some minutes because you need to shoot the arrows.
Reading the revisions is hilarious. Gwynevere literally does not call him brother at all. Why are they refusing to remove the inaccuracy
I think it's just a confusion between Gwynevere and Yorshka.
that's hella homo. i approve
Heh. Okay. Would you eat gwyndolin's *** first while jerking and fingering him or let him suck you while he plays with himself?



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No ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
i'll tell u my fanfic about gwyndolin. he wakes up 1 day and high fives solaire the end
I started with a makeshift*****-teir copypasta - 1 sentence. Then that got wiped and then I had to make another one - 1 paragraph. Next time I get the inspiration, it'll be a whole *****ing chapter. You don't just delete the passionate descriptions of how *****ing mind-blowing it would be to be thoroughly sodomized by Gywndolin and get away with it. Gywndolin will spread his creamy darkmoon magic, one way or another.
you wanna get sodomized by gwyndolin instead of actually sodomizing him? like idk first time i've heard that, most people wanna do the dirty to him, not be his babygirl damn. that's a hot possibility eitherway bc gwyndolin <3
Vaedron, you d*ck! Are you the one deleting all the good sh*t?


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"We gotta remove the gender and lock the page so people will stop fighting!" *Half the page still calls her by He/Him pronouns* Aight
Gwyndoling is a MAN you clown, from Darkmoon Seance Ring: "The Dark Sun Gwyndolin is the only remaining deity in Anor Londo. His followers are few, but their tasks are of vital importance." HIS FOLLOWERS = MAN The fact that he's a beautiful femboy doesn't change***** about him being a man, so piss off *, embrace your homosexuality if you think HE is cute instead of trying to believe he's a girl
ditto to the comment before mine. Gwyndolin's a dude, and there's a fair amount of evidence towards him wanting to be referred to as male as well.
hnnnnnnng gwyndolin let me deepthroat your tin darkmoon catalyst until you run out of casts from every single spell you got
sucks you can't upgrade his catalyst though, it's stuck at +0... fitting for a femboy ;)
These pervy comments make me feel like I just stepped into a 4chan*****post thread or comment section from rule34xxx. Not sure whether I should be disgusted or amused (these comments should be gone for real though). But what I find even more weird is that there are people still fighting about Gwyndolin's gender, lul. Gwyndolin is a dude, period.
you **** i want to downvote the first half of your comment and upvote the second
^ Same, bro. Keep the lewd comments about Gwyndolin being a sexy dude.
I feel very sorry for him, his masculinity got stripped away and forced to rule an almost empty and cursed city because his father is a ***** afraid of the dark
I liked your comment because you’re not wrong, but we did get some good sh*t out of all of this. So we can’t really complain.
gwyndolin is a fuzzy wuzzy male uwu
he's not fuzzy! he's soft and smooth from his butt, to his tummy and his delicious flat boi-chest. specially his cute, pale cheeks devoid of any facial hair that are so perfect to kiss and see blushing. NOT. FUZZY.
In all seriousness this comments section is ****ing hilarious
mfw will never have cute femboy gwyndolin bf to hold hands with and cuddle :(