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Moonlight Odachi. Please
There is dual wielding though. I'm just mad that the shield isn't a shield
I have to say that really just one attack with just one weapon is boring af. By far the best part is swinging around. I want my twinblades back from ds3! Actually now that i think about it, the dark souls katanas were better too.
How about not comparing the simple ds combat combat with the sekiro one
There is one button. Yet the combat is more complex and more "alive" than in any other soulsborne game. If you think there is only one attack you, should play more than just the tutorial.
glad these replies are speaking facts
Kusabimaru has 5 different attacks in a combo and you think Dark Souls katanas with two attacks in a combo is better? You have an entire mapping of prosthetic tools, skill trees, and items to use! Not to mention Sabimaru has another 5 attacks in a combo. Are you really going to be able to hit an enemy more than 5 times, I would think not unless you cheesed an enemy to make it just stand there. Not to mention all of the deathblows you can use. Quit complaining spoiled brat. Just play Ds3 with your lame *** twinblades, i'll be here with my robot arm that can transform into 10 different weapons at will (that's how many prosthetic tools there are)
Uhm, how bout the fact that they are two completely different games?????