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how to make invaders mad: use this covenant, run away parkouring but NOT coming close to any cliff or hostile NPC, spam estus flask AND heal spell while the invader is occupied fighting the gankers, and spam your corvian greatknife attacks when the invader is deeply-stunned after a riposte or parry or some heavy strike, also DON'T forget to use tears of denial and rolling right after "reviving" and using any healing ability available, you also might want to use a simple-infused parrying shield and a simple-infused weapon on both hands to regain focus over time and being able to use more heal while the foolish invader is occupied fighting your way of blue gankers, and don't forget to use full havel set with life ring+3 and ring of steel protection+3 to take as few damage as possible, and DON'T YOU DARE forgeting to point down when the invader is dead, hahahahaha and then you can feel the PURE SALT irradiating from the invaders xd
true lol, that would make their controller fly over the room
lol everything you said is so relatable, i remember doing half the stuff you said just to annoy the invaders and laugh at their hatemails, and when you spam estus chug, oh boi, there is no better way of making a invader get berserk hahaha estus go "flush" and invader go "reeeee" xd
a crappy off-brand of blue sentinals, which they are essentially the hillbilly equivalent of the darkmoons (not sh*tting on blue sentinels, just way of blue, because this covenant is seriously garbage)
nah, i bet you're just salty because some blues ganked you. git gud nub
I hate fightclub to death. Why? Because you are getting forced to get summoned in there as blue, so you have to use blackcrystal to avoid that kindergarden. Wasted time ... meanwhile some one really needed help but instead to help this person you get summoned in a fightclub which i want to avoid all the time but i can't.
Then don’t be part of the way of blue and stay unembered problem solved
Does anyone use way of the blue that needs it anymore? As a sentinel or blade of darkmoon I only get summoned to twink or gank rooms purposefully designed to lure in blues to their death. Way to ruin an already troublesome covenant ds3 community
I've been using it and have had a lot of people help me in fights I definitely would've lost :)