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i want to know how much strength i need to weild correctly
At 2/3 of the original strength requirement you can effectively weild it
That's 2-handed
22 str minimum to 2-hand it. 22 x 1.5 = 33
just use this weapons at 32 str because its the str you need for one-handed
So does lightning help break people's poise or something?
No, it is just that most armor has less def against lightening. And regular titanite chunks and slabs are easier to farm than red ones.
What a great axe!
The scaling is wrong when you click on the regular upgrade path the strength scaling on +15 says C instead of B



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Chaos Greataxe +5 with 10 Humanities can reach 729 AR, more than Chaos Demon Greataxe's 595 AR.
how about black night +5 though ?
I hope that I am not the only real only strength user in this game I suck at dexterity and I one of my account is a giant dad so every strength weapons is the best for weapons for me!!! And I level up to min 5 every normal strength I have!!
I mean every normal strength weapons
1st: fix your goddamn English. 2nd: you’re by far not the only one with a strength based build. 3rd: I doubt you’ll ever read this, but if you do; THE LEGEND NEVER DIES!!!!
To 2h this axe you only need 22 STR, and you can get it +5 Lightning by the time you reach Anor Londo. 700 ATK non-buffed with only 22 STR isnt that shabby.
I think I just came. New run idea: Greataxe Guts! 2H the greataxe (excepting time needed to get it at the start). With the Master Key, you can actually fight Capra with a bit of circumnavigating, get into the Depths, and snag it super early. Armor: whatever. Magic: LOL, SMASH WITH AX!
plus3 lightning claymore wins the game so plus 5 lightning axe should own it