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So fro doing a quick search on the Lapis Lazuli page, it looks like you can only obtain 6 of them in a single playthrough. This would mean that you can't get all the Lazulite upgrades in one playthrough... is that right? Does anyone know if you can get more than the 6 listed on the wiki page, or will I need NG+ to finish the upgrade tree?
Nope, you need ng+ to get all upgrades.
Would it maybe make sense to list how many of each material are needed to upgrade everything? Even better would be with a number of how many of them are guaranteed drops in one playthrough so that you can know how many need to be farmed.
I just made a spreadsheet for the upgrades You'll need to farm regardless if you want the platinum because skills are by far the limiting factor. You'll likely get all the materials you need by grinding Mibu Manor (Fat and Grave Wax, magnetite and adamantite), then moving onto Burning Ashina Outskirts Stairwell (fulminated mercury, yellow gunpowder, occasional magnetite and adamantite). You'll also probably just jump Sen into buying about 90 scrap iron/black gunpowder which is roughly another 13500 Sen. tldr; 35700 Sen, 91 scrap iron, 30 black gunpowder, 63 magnetite, 29 yellow gunpowder, 40 lump of fat wax, 17 lump of grave wax, 32 adamantite scrap, 19 fulminated mercury, 10 lapis lazuli. -Wes from Recommended Playing
Added a note about how you can't get all upgrades in one playthrough (as you need 10 lapis lazuli, but can only get 6). Don't really want to spoil the ending requirements for people, so tried to keep that aspect as vague as possible, but thought it was important to note that getting the bad ending locks you out of getting any lapis lazuli due to ending the game early.
A picture of the in-game upgrade tree would probably be a lot simpler and clearer than that table.
Only the lazulite shuriken and sabi army are worth it imo.
Umbrella is Over-powered and this is how: You get it early, useful blocking anything, many uses
Does upgrading the prosthetics increase their attack power? Like is the Phoenix umbrella overall more powerful than regular umbrella?
Do I keep the upgrades when going to to ng+?
Yes you do