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If anyone out there is wondering about making an afk minion build, it seems that nothing can increase the damage except the level of the attached weapon. That means there is no trait, ring, amulet etc. that will boost dmg, atk spd or anything else.
wont Song Of Swords affect it? i dont have it myself so i cant test it out..Song Of Swords gives 30% damage inc to you and allies within 20m radius.
The only buff that affects this minion's damage is Corrosive Aura. (at the time of this post)
you can charge it two times
man i wish these minions and beckon skulls could crit atleast..even if you used hunters mark it does nothing..same goes for the iron turrets.



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I'm pretty sure this is bugged when it comes to certain enemies. I used this during the Singe boss fight and all they did was stand under his chest and do nothing. They didn't attempt to attack him at all.
As in most RPGs, they have trouble balancing summonings in higher difficulty. I'm not even sure they should have a healthpool. Damn near nothing boosts their damage, and having it be taken away at random because of them taking hits, which you can't control, just make them dysfunctional in most circumstances. Then you have the opposite extreme, where they take none, last the full duration ... and even then barely competes due to the summon cap lol.
Melee life steal from the Leech Ember ring and Twisted Armor set no longer applies to melee hits done by the root hollows as of the latest patch.