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I'm an idiot. I thought you had to feed Rory a certain food for the quest to progress. I spent so long scoring the island for CheeseFood? FruitFood?
X2 I guess Im not alone


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I transported the rat and he splattered all over when we landed. The poor turtle shed a tear. Oh well we have more important business to attend to. Like killing anyone or eradicating the very essence of anything thing that gets in the way of our never ending fiending for source. Ahahahahaha evil laugh
I think you misspelled experience
just bring any potato or any food u get will make the rat goes to turtle... almost 8k exp... after u can kill the turtle for 13.5k exp.... ez 20k exp
Dont kill the rat please :(
Feeding Rory Apples and Cheese related food worked for me. I had problems giving him dinner.
no encontre los animales en el sotano?