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Does this affect the particle accelerator explosion?
No, it only works with bullets in motion
So does this increase the ideal range of firearms?
No, the ring drecreases the damage drop after your ideal range.
What is the point of this ring. There are so many better damage options available I can't see why you'd ever waste a slot on this. A few extra meters of effective range, whoop-de-doo.
Because if you ever shoot anything outside of the effective range, this is straight up better? You don't need to be Sherlock *****ing Holmes to figure it out. It's good for pushing shotguns into mid range, and the beam rifle, despite how it has pinpoint accuracy, has a weirdly short range, and it's easy to get lower damage numbers in both cases because of it. And in those circumstances, I think this ring beats all of them.
When I posted this it was +20% range which was basically useless since there were far better damage options. Now it gives +4 meters which is obviously very strong for certain weapons.