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Where does he go after killing Creighton?
He disappears from the game
That's his house in Brightstone, Creighton says he lives there. He probably goes somewhere else to direct people through trap gates for a living.
Well canonically Pate is the one who is killed in the battle between him and Creighton, this is confirmed because of Creighton's appearance in DS3 whilst Pate is nowhere to be seen after this quest.
Guy above me is wrong, it's obvious time is *****ed in Dark Souls, especially 3. Ornstein being one example of that.
I believe that canonically, Ornstein's armor is the only thing that is carried through the games. Unless I'm mistaken, the "Ornstein" in DS3 is not the original Ornstein, just another dude wearing his armor
ds1 ornstein is an illusion made by gwyndolin, ds2 ornstein is the real ornstein and ds3 ornstein is just his armor come to life
I will never get over the fact that Pate was voiced by Darth Maul. They could have given him the Twinblades and REALLY hit us on the nose.


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If Patches, Pate, and Mauldron have taught me anything about Souls, it's to never trust a guy with a spear and greatshield.
I'm convinced this is Lautrec's buddy from Anor Londo.
"I'm your friend, maybe.."
Lmao happy souls
If I didn't talk to him at earthen peak and already am at tseldora, can I still find him at earthen peak???
He will still be at Earthen Peak, yes. I didn't visit him at Earthen Peak until I'd gone through every other area, so he will definitely be waiting for you still.
Yes. I did the questline after the endboss
This guy is giving off a really bad vibe, so I think we should kill him.
Didn’t pass the vibe check, punishment is death
But he gave usba soapstone. Solaire gave us a soapstone. So this guy must be the new solaire.
"Uh... You don't even listen to me so i might Kill you later. Or not..."
Why are people saying Pate is an enemy? He tells you about the traps, and is honest about Creighton... who actually tries to trap and kill him after going all gung ho and getting himself trapped. Creighton is a murderous bastard looking to kill things... in fact if you read his axe, its not his, meaning he stole it from Shieldless Lothian. Now read the axes description in DS3 and tell me creighton is not the bad guy... Yall just biased against a guy with a spear and greatshield after Patches.
You should probably read pate's equipment description. They are equally terrible. Either one of also supposedly a serial killer. Pate is the only one in disguise. Souls games dont have such polarizing moral stances
pate is a serial killer. he acts with such allure to make people trust him so he can lure them into his traps. he's also not a good person. a looter and a murderer, and a good one at that.
*sees his voice actor* Should have given him a twin blade.
Aha, Peter Serafinowicz. I thought it was the voice of Matt Berry. "Father...!"