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This is just another broken quest...
As of 7/2/2018 (or perhaps even earlier), you no longer need to talk to the dogs before the collar is off. I just ran in there with Lohse the enchantress on my second playthrough, forgot the above mentioned tip but tried it anyway. Perhaps it was a matter of speed as I opened the door and talked to Emmie immediately but none of them turned hostile and I managed to 'complete' the quest just fine.

Afterwards they remained passive.
I was able to do this quest after my source collar as removed. For some reason only Lohse as able to talk with the dogs, so I put pet pal on her and completed the quest.
I did the quest didn't leave the fort and Emmie didn't come back? Although I did get forced to talking to Bruno first.
If anyone is having trouble because the black cat following you keeps Buddy from talking to you, just keep the cat away by talking to it with a different character and keep it in place. Worked for me.
If you have trouble with the wrong character interacting with Bruno first, try unchaining the chara with pet pal and have just him/her go into the room. Ifan starts with pet pal btw. Have the other characters wait a room away, not near door or Bruno can still interject. If you use the ball, then you cant tell Emmie about Buddy. You get 400 pt instead of 800 for telling emmie about buddy (Definitive Ed on console). If you get your pet-pal-er to talk to emmie about buddy but try to get her to escape, Bruno will alpha-dog her and you'll end up fighting them. If you insist about buddy she still wont come but she'll talk bruno down and dogs will be docile.
If you've got Atusa's leg in your inventory, there's an option to give it to Buddy when you first talk to it. If you do so, Buddy will get crossed and will attack, preventing you from ever doing that quest. I don't know if that is true with any body part; the line was something like "Throw Atusa's leg to Buddy" so I think it is specific to that particular limb.
Well, yes about all that except that if/when you give buddy Atusa's leg, he states, "I don't eat people!" implying he reacts that way to any limb. Of course I haven't actually tried in the game but that's just my analysis. Hey, it's the nerdy jerk who corrects people all the time annoyingly! Welcome to my office.
Even if you have your collar taken off, you can sneak into the room and talk to emmie without the dogs aggroing you. Just a tip in case you saved over a file and cant go back
not possible. you cannot talk when you are sneaking. plz check first in game before you just run your mouth.
If was able to get 2200 xp even after removing my main character's source collar (who had pet pal) by swapping out a party member for Ifan, who had had not been in my party as I fought my way to the outside. I then unlinked Ifan and sent him in alone to talk to Emmie and the other dogs.
Also, you cannot begin the conversation with Buddy if you have the black cat with you. Buddy will immediately react to the cat and won't talk to you.
You can get around this by walking away then running up to buddy. As long as the cat is not too close to you, Buddy will talk to you.
A bit late but, since I just bought the game myself, you can also start the conversation (cat or no) by feeding the Buddy a piece of raw meat. :>