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When uncharged, does this do as much damage as a basic soul gs?
Old moonlight uncharged deals slightly more damage than great heavy soul arrow, which has a spell buff rating a little above .4 higher than soul greatsword. Tl;dr you're looking at about 20% more dmg with an uncharged old moonlight
I tested this out. It doesn't do as much damage as Soul Greatsword in it's uncharged state, but deals superior damage in it's charged state. And this was based purely on its projectiles.
When charged, the spell hits for ~1800 damage on Father Ariandel, if you hit BOTH the blade and the projectile. In the same conditions, Great Heavy Soul Arrow hits for ~1000.
Do note this was with 60 INT and a WA-buffed Sage's Crystal Staff, with Crown of Dusk, Young + Bellowing Dragoncrest Rings, the Magic Clutch Ring, and the Scholar's Candlestick buffing the damage of both spells.
u know that buffing with the WA from sage's crystal staff in your offhand and using the spell with your main-hand court sorcerer/Preachers Hand, you get more dmg than you would by using sages+scholars. The WA from sage's applies to both hands.
Regarding the crystal staff, what’s better in the long run? A buff you need to keep applying, or a perm. buff that you don’t have to reapply (thus saving FP)?
Well this makes the King's Field games part of the SoulsBorne universe. Specifically as prequels to Dark Souls. So, King's Field -> Demon Souls -> Dark Souls -> Bloodborne
And then the Powderkegs in Bloodborne invent mechs and then we get Armored Core!
I very seriously doubt that
Please don’t encourage them
Is it possible to defeat midir using this spell only ?
with lightning spells yes, with others is possible too but he takes less damage. he resist totally against dark spells
Boi did you even read what he said
Yes, depends on you build and how good you are at that boss. Headshots and RTSR, Morion offhand, type setup.
Definitely possible since you can passively regen FP with simple infusions.
Fairly sure this spell is probably the strongest spell in Dark Souls 3 (sorcerer wise) if you can fully charge and land both the hit + moonlight wave
The pose and appearance of it is a clear reference to the Bloodborne ver. and Ludwig. Will be using in my cosplay


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"it's not that bad IF..." It can be good IF..." IF you do that then it can be really usefull!" Lets be honest, comments under op or at least usefull spells are usually written in a different tone. So what I get from here is it looks good. And that's it.
Weapons in this game are only good IF you hit your enemy. Guess we should just resort to mean gestures until one of us black crystals out
Mean gestures are only good if the other person can see the gesture
Did anyone notice that this is the only spell in the game with a completely different scroll? Even the description reads:The sword is named after moonlight, but it is slightly different than the one fashioned of the paledrake Seath. Perhaps it is rooted in an older memory, from not long after the Beginning. It does not have the "dark/forbidden" scroll type nor the normal sorcery scroll type. I find this really interesting. It probably is the oldest spell in the game.
rooted from somewhere like demons souls, hmmmm
Older, even. It's from an even older game from Fromsoft called King's Field. The Moonlight Greatsword (not always a Greatsword) is something of a trademark of theirs.
Dual hitboxes can have some interesting results. Most strength builds don't expect to be out-traded by a melee spell
This spell is such a disaster when it comes to hit a lock-on target. It always prioritizes the legs for some reason and it always hits the ground instead of the target. If you're not decent at free aiming then this spell is really hard to hit in pvp.
Same with MLGS
Aim it at your own feet on an advancing opponent, lock on last second