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Any teleport really. I used cloak and dagger on a character with The Pawn. Only used the 1AP for C&D.
Speech check on wolves gives exp now. 21400 or so. 4/11/2020
Really? I tried to do this first just in case, but didn't receive any. Successful check, they left, no XP.
Just used Phoenix dive and wings jump. It got me right next to the orb with 1 ap remaining
I put Sebille next to the gate and to the edge. Teleported my Main Char over and then used Battering Ram with 2 AP left ;)
Used one character to teleport the huntsman as close as possible, then huntsman used tactical retreat to be next to it. EZ PZ
When you arrive at the waypoint portal, at the start, before traversing to the first room with pressure plates. There is a set of pipes behind the portal which can be teleported/jumped too, which can be followed to a decent chest. Though this isnt what is IMPORTANT, what is important to know is that this path can ultimately be used to jump to the last platform with the Core, thus ending the core intruder countdown without any hastle at all.
Found the ruby and picked it up, how do I talk to it?
go to you inventory and make the selection of that gem. The action will say grasp the gem firmly.
For anyone still curious, I've just finished act 3 on my second playthrough. On my first, I renounced my god, although it was after already using her (Amadia) to help with another altar, so I'm not sure if it invalidates that for other altars if you haven't asked for their help. Other than that, I don't think there's much of a difference, at the last fight of act 3, where your god gets angry at you, they tell you off for renouncing them, on top of everything else. Either way, you still have the option of letting your god take your source at that fight (and die) or refuse and start the fight.
I'm gonna call it: this little section is the most annoying part of the ENTIRE GAME. Walking slowly through door-lock puzzles, turning a wheel that instantly kills your party, and the strange choice of renouncing your god on a whim. It's a small but completely unfun experience.