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fack these things, last time I checked they **** me
Ashen Hunter set with beak mask and that rune that adds 200 frenzy resistance, if your quick and have a +8 or 9 heavy weapon you should be able to kill 1 just before the frenzy bar fills up. Or just use the sedatives the old lady give your to heal the frenzy.
I managed to get a radial Cursed Tempering Damp Blood Gem(4) from one in the nightmare of mensis. Its effects are no different than the droplets it drops though
Hey guys, you can parry the winter lantern’s grab attack
Seriously, why does this *****ing enemy exist?
Can she drop arcane cursed gems


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Unfortunately, no. Only physical, the ones in the frontier drop up to 19.5 phys% and ones in the nightmare of mensis and fishing hamlet drop 22.3%
Wrong, they drop far lower % in the frontier, 19.8% is the highest in Mensis and the 22.3% is only in the hamlet
Somehow more annoying than dogs and brainsuckers
Apparently some people have found a way to sexualize this enemy. *****ing disgusting. Who looks at this enemy and gets a rock hard boner?
You understimate the internet ya fool
It’s probably that intimate grab attack. They hug you and eat your face out while overwhelming your character with excitement (frenzy)
Just to clear up the confusion on whether these enemies can detect you behind them or not, the ones in the frontier cannot see you behind them, the ones in Mensis can detect you and will turn around to begin inflicting frenzy on you and the final ones in the hamlet can see and inflict frenzy on you without turning around. In this sense they get progressively harder to deal with each area you encounter them.