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There's like 167 (I think,too lazy to check again) weapons in this game and in pvp 89% of people I meet use Ringed knight paired greatsword and then only 0.1% of those I've met didn't just spam the l1 combo,am I just unlucky or is this just the most used weapon in the game?
I need Twinblades in this.
All I see are over 100 + trash icons who have no purpose in-game. Except one, PKCS. This beauty, this swag, this skill, non other weapon can even come close to this. My PKCS is literally the best, I have faced non better than me, since the majority is trash in this game, you are good at killing NPC but not a 100% pure skill player like me who made top players look like some dark souls mature. Do you think you are good ? get down casual. Get down. Get down. After 4 years some man child wants to force GS and UGS into higher PvP. You are cringe and*****. GS is the definition of braindead in the highest skill gape, all you do is wait and poise trade. A * would of course trade, but a perfect player like me, can see the flaws of every class. You using lapps set? = you are trash, you have no swag, style, you are a drone who tries to copy a cringe-worthy piece of rubbish, who thinks who is good at this game. Maybe you are lucky enough to face me once, to learn and maybe note some stuff to improve rather being bad at the game, you swagless *****. Every downvote comes from casuals who I owned, every like from people who want to enter my covenant
Thank you, my godlike meta brother
Np. Today you made a good decision, the best one in your life so far. If this post gets more likes I will create a group on Ps4 and invite you guys to the covenant. This covenant is about swag, style, and of course the PKCS. Only people who are worthy enough and who have the right amount of swag, skill, and intelligence can join, since you are agreeing with me, you seem to be a good member.
PS4? Bro this is the ultra level of pleb here. Get on PC, get your *** smacked, and realize that your PKCS is garbage. Hopefully this is satire, otherwise, you're ***. (:
PS4>XBox>PC you = g@y Hacking piece of rubbish, I would own you without any weapons, you smelly fat f@ck. Get down kid and taste my perfect blade, the only satire here is one of my disciples will force you drink man juice while I smack you with my PKCS.
I bet that PC player hacked his way to Soul of Cinder. I can see why you ran from PS4 to PC. Too many player wrecking you with the PKCS PKCS PKCS PKCS PKCS PKCS PKCS!!!!!!!!
Actually i remember defeating some pkcs users with a mace, but whatever. I really don't feel like getting into a fight with you.Therefore enjoy your weapon and have fun with your covenant.
oh no a casul
Every single time you type I lose braincells. PKCS sucks literal ***. It's whole shtick is hoping to god someone panics or whiffs and can't deal with so many different things in this game. Go and try to invade a gank squad in Anor londo and watch how you end up on BLACKED.COM
2/10 troll at best, troll harder or lurk more. At the moment you come across as 10 year old casual, but good luck on future troll attempts.
Claiming that all other weapons are worthless because of the Pontiff Knight Sword is stupid. Stfu
Don't say weapons suck til you try them. I love the following: Crow Talons, Choas Blade (left hand) and Frayed Blade (right hand), Black knight greataxe, and I used the PKCS once, i did not like it at all! It is just not my style.
Good luck using crow talons, they cant reliably combo people, caestus is good because perseverance is the only way youll ever be close enough to someone to land fist hits. Chaos blade is straight up worse than any katana that can have a resin on it. Frayed blade is ok, but loses the thing that makes katanas good, their parry. Black knight greataxe is good too because it has deadly combos. PKCS is good because it has a very versatile moveset.
Guy commenting has no idea what he is talking about. Crow talons are a high tier roll catch/whiff punish on heavy weapons. Also, Katanas are good because their running attack, NOT their parry. Parries on katanas actually suck, Frayed blade fixes all Katana shortcomings due to being the second longest katana yet having the standard katana attack speed (Unlike washing pole) and toptier rollcatches with it's weapon arts and a higher damage threshhold than any other katana due to the L1-L1-WA L1 rollcatch combo. It literally beats all the other katanas and also has chip damage for a pure dex weapon meaning you can dump any other stat and outperform buff reliant/dark build reliant katanas like Washing pole and uchi.
Also, bruh resin katanas have been dog*****since Washing Pole's nerf. Onikir and Obadachi only worked because their weapon art and rollcatch. Uchi always sucked without DMB, Washingpole only worked because buffed WA spam and running attack. All three of those have been weak since the first dlc lmao.
Magic sucsks and melle builds are lkterally the best... Miyizakui made a mistake when he made all magic
Yeah, go tell that to the soul stream, one shotting mage builds.
Please learn to spell.
where did all the pro go? what's with the massive casuals wave recently? like I haven't lost a single duel for the last week. Maybe I got too good without noticing
Dark souls is now sadly, dare i say full of soft cucks,gankers, and scrubs.
gankers, cheater, scrubs, laggards, vpn lord, cowards takes up 95~99% of population of DS 3 at this point. Iirc like 70% of good players left 2 years ago, and more and more good players are leaving. We are now left with a dozen of good players and we still get new ppl coming in(especially during those sales). And almost always, they will join the 95~99% of the population because how the community is when they enter the game. Learning fap glitches, estus glitches, bow glitches, summon glitch, cheesy stuff as soon as they enter the game, invade to gank(ppl who wait in an invasion even against solo host) when friends are offline. Basically what I'm trying to say is that these knowledge are already very widespread in the current community of DS3. Some may even use VPN on purpose to become VPN lord. Less and less new players are willing to learn properly and become good because 1. of the cancerous part of community(which is the majority rn) 2. exploiting glitches or doing cheesy/scummy stuff is far easier 3. not having a good net/latent to most people not on purpose/device too weak for ds3 4. less good player around to look up to and learn from.
its on sale
Steam Sales. 10/10 Would Git Gud Again!
Wtf I thought PvE was already easy but PvP is even easier, I can beat anyone without giving actually half effort lol.
Then you have yet to meet that one Brazilian guy with WiFi so crappy he can hit you from across the map.
PvP is easy until you meet someone with insane lag and phantom range. Then it's awful
Brazilian guy with crappy WiFi here... hehe boy...
If you're looking for the genuine best weapons in the game, look no further. Gael's greatsword, Frayed blade, Friede's greatscythe, Farron greatsword, Aquamarine dagger, Onyx Blade, Demon's Scar, and the best of all weapons, Valorheart. You may not agree, but these weapons all have unbelievably good performance. Valorheart and Farron Greatsword compliment eachother too well also. Demon scar builds are everywhere, Friede's can make most heavy weapons feel awful since it matches that super armor with low poise, racks up frostbite and has shieldpierce for free with good range. Aquamarine dagger is notable due to it's incredible rollcatching, hyper-low weight, and great range with straightsword damage at dagger swing speed. Onyx blade and frayed blade are well known at this point so no need to tell you why they rock. If someone tries to say PKCS, just put a shield in their face and watch them struggle, or use Valorheart. Yes. Valorheart always beats R1 spam-heros.
Best weapon in the game for pvp is objectively the harpe or mhs. but for legal weapons, its demon scar, pkcs, gotthards, splitleaf, and cgk.
Quick question: what are some good weapons for sl1?
dark hand
Strength build
Raw broadsword
definitely raw broadsword, available early on and hits like a truck if you keep it substantially upgraded
Raw Battle Axe
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man why are there so many weapons that are just copies of each other with different stats, smh no real weapon variety every weapon in a class is mostly the same (with few exceptions)
Even if a weapon has the same moveset it usually has different ranges and speedz.
Don't bother trying to shed light, this persons mind is already made up. They just like to b itch and complain online thinking it's gonna help when really they just hate themselves.
Some anonymous user doesn't know what criticism is