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lightning is actually his greatest weakness, it'll knock his health down each stroke until his health down to zero
yep, thats usually how you kill bosses
Beh diciamo che più o meno tutti i boss ne soffrono
One question, if i use a deep battle axe with no reinforcements (96+96AR) how much damage will it inflict on him on a single swing?
why don't you *****ing try it.
Your answer to that wins at the internet.
Does 102 defense means his only physical defense or spell defense as well?


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I'm the evil one, even though you lot stabbed my doggo. :''(
"Resistant to Magic" My ***! My Sorcerer Character Decimated him with Noting but Heavy Soul Arrow and Soul Arrow
Resistant doesn’t mean immune
what are the dimensions of Vordt? like length width and weight? strange question I know.
He's huge. Based on my footage, if Vordt stood up straight he'd be 5 or 6 times as tall as the player. Given similar proportions, mass scales with the cube of height, so that would make him 125 to 216 times as heavy. So assuming the player is an average-sized human (1.8 m tall and 75 kg) then Vordt would be 9 to 10 m tall and weigh 9400 to 16000 kg, not counting armor and gear. In terms of how much space he actually takes up in his dog-like posture, at a very rough estimate I'd say he's probably 3 m tall, 4 m long, and 4 m wide.
is there are line of dialogue/lore that states its a "he" although it doesnt matter to much, but my mind wandered back to lances cut content where it has babies on its stomach so could it be female?

Although this might be me justifying my attraction to how T H I C C he is.


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Dark Hand does really well against Vordt if you want to go and help some noobs.