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Easy to beat with a +10 Pharis Bow + Heavy Arrows + Hawk Ring if your build has dex.
As Midir is my favorite boss in DS3, I place my sign down at his fight all the time. To players summoning Sunbros for help, please heed this advice: STAY CLOSE TO THE HEAD. This fight is hard, much harder co-op than solo due to other players' (usually the host's) inexperience with it. It becomes INFINITELY more difficult when even one person starts attacking his tail or underneath him. Such attacks bait out Midir's fire, laser, and tail-sweep attacks, all of which are way harder for us summons to dodge and (if hit) survive. Add to the fact that he will be spinning nonstop just ups the frustration. The best thing you can do as a host is stick next to one of your summons (not Shira for the love of all that is holy) and follow their lead. Gank squads against Midir are fun, but a team effort is required to turn it into a victory.
*if the summon you have is competent. Just had a fight where a Sunbro almost cost us the win. He died and it suddenly became much easier to take Midir down.
for me, it's gotten to the point I've given up on helping with midir because retards love playing ring around the rosy
just beat him on my pyro, ended up reingforcing and lightning infusing a lothric knight greatsword on my 17 str character. His resistances are a pain in the arse.
Not that bad on NG+ but NG+2-3 he now one shots me with the laser, unembered at full health with the Dark Stoneplate Ring +2, 50 Vigor, and Havels.
There' s still SO many ppl who can't kill midir? Hell, you just have 1 job: stick to the head and smash the jaw... ok, you know what? Many ppl say "do this, do that", but that doesn't seems to work on everyone, so i ll tell you this: don't try to beat this boss until you beat champion gundyr with 0 damage, no parry and no shield. When you get good enough with the timing of your rolls, you can try to kill midir.
You roll vs the champ? Kekw
Champion Gundyr is nothing comparing to this dragon.
OK chad, time for bed
Midir may be the final life stage of the crystal lizards
This has to be the hardest boss over new games. He was a walk in the park my first game, and then constantly has been the hardest boss that still gets harder, each time I think "ah it can't harder than last time, I've leveled up stronger." and he has still kicked my *** every time. I don't hate him, actually, he's probably one of my favorite bosses, but he is the only one that still makes me go through embers like my sanity.
Nameless king on ng+4 would laugh so hard at you...
As a faith build with 60 faith, i realised i was better off using a claymore with lightning infusion as an alternative of using the lightning blade spell because it's hard to find a chance to cast it or else you are going to get hit.
I actually found the opposite, there is such a great windup after his attacks that I switched to Ashen Estus completely, casting healing spells, lightning buffs as well as Tears of Denial if necessary.
can someone help me with this*****? sl120
Hey, go watch guide on youtube, helped me a lot, its really easy when you learn his moveset
Git gud
i love this fight, would be happy to help if you're still having difficulty (sl110~) if on steam lmk your profile so i can add you, if not i can't help, sorry
LIghtning Drakeblood GS to do big boy damage if u dont Pestilent Mist