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Does a inferno staff count as a weapon ability??



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Inferno staff skills count
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Weapon abilities are on your ability bars and selected from the weapon skill set for the weapon you are using. Hitting something with the weapon cuases weapon damage, not weapon ability damage; unless they changed it.
whats the point of this red mountains is way stronger both do the same ***** though
They stack.
Red mountain does it half as often
Also medium vs heavy armor sets
The proc chance is higher, but half flame damage
Use shadow set for armor, Way of FIre for jewls/weapons, make a Melee DK that's shooting fire from melee attacks.
S gwn zonde
What boss drops the shoulder armor
Where can I find the swords of the fire
Traders, zone chat or world bosses
I want a unique shield, I'll pay gold. Or where can I get unique shield? If any. Xboxone tag- ArchAngelArcane
where can you farm the jewelry neck and ring?
These drop from the Anomolies located in Craglorn quite often.
Would a heavy attack proc this?
No only abilities
does the dk passive that increases the damage done with fire stacks with this set?