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I go through the monsters and I can not attack them
In Dark Souls 3
That's a Dark souls 3 glitch this is a Dark souls 1 wiki
When I reached the secret bonfire at darkroot garden right when I lit it I kept dying and dying. Any help to fix this?
Ranked up in Rosaria's Fingers covenant. The game showed that i got the obscuring ring but for some reason it isn't in my inventory. That's the only ring missing for me to get the master of rings trophy.
Wrong game
The drakes in Valley of Drakes have a strange habit to phase through walls and get stuck. Kinda funny if you see it for yourself.
NPCs are not where they should be. Missed out on 2 of there first encounters


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After boss battles I am not receiving humanity or homeward bones. I only get the items to advance the game. PS3 unpatched.
In ds remastered my boss souls disappeared from my inventory. What the hell happened? I did not use them at all btw
In ds remastered the merchant in the depths was not there at all. He was not at firelink shrine either and he wasn't accidentally killed. Please fix
All my npcs are dead and I found lord soul, bequeathed, very l ember,chaos flame ember, and 3 other embers, and many keys in firelink chest. I don’t know what to do?
Mate, you might have had a severe case of Yurt hacker running around... R.I.P.
When i died in undead burg the game crashed and when ai starter the game the character was soul level 0 whit 0 stamina and i was back in undead asailum