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manage to get one finally. Gonna see if I can wrap it around a faith/Dex build. Wish me luck
Lightning actually works really well. I have a character that doesn't use mircales but has high faith for the sake of using the lightning flamberge (and mornes hammer).
Gosh I know the drop rate is 5 percent and I farmed for hours and hours and I still haven’t gotten it
You know, I just did a sorcerer run and ofc I get it on the 5th thrall I kill by accident...
For you who got it on the sorcerer run, try a crystal infusion, its great
With 425 Discovery, i got the Cathedral thrall to drop 3 in less than an hour. I was wearing Mimic head, Gold serpent ring +3 ,Sage's rapier in the off hand, and i also used a rusted coin.
i got it first try in the undead settlement is it any good?
If only better damage :(
the Flamberge is stronger than the Zweihander, and Astora Greatsword, which are both Ultra GS's, and it has bleed status in it
its a great weapon, consider yourself lucky if you find it
weapon art R2 on this thing does disgusting damage compared to claymore and other GSs. Otherwise the moveset is mediokre and sadly no thrust attacks :(. But the weapon art's broken danage makes this REALLY fun to use. There's a video about the weapon art's damage but in short: Flamberge wasn't meant to have stance as a weapon art, it was meant to have stomp, but fromsoft changed it for some reason and the damage of the stomp version was kept.
Use it with rapier for poke and you can still parry
As a Pyromancer you are kind of obliged to carry one. Its blade resembles flame, after all. Carthus Flame Arc or a Charcoal Pine buff completes the aesthetic. Plus it doesn't take too much STR/DEX investment at all.
Furthermore, the sharp infusion is great. Dexterity decreases casting time and it has a B scaling on this greatsword.
Like the rest of the lame *** greatswords, scrubs using this***** are easy meats for pros to slaughter.
Until you get stomped by a pro with a GS lol
this thing not only is better than claymore at like EVERYTHING literally (damage, scaling, range and moveset), but it also looks like a small, dark zweihander, which makes the claymore fanboys go back to the graves they came from hahahahah!