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This whole area is bright as hell it hurts my eyes I thought this was DARK souls
I've always wondered, is this place related to The Painted World of Ariamis from DS1? Similar name, snowy, and with a female scythe-wielding boss that can turn invisible.
Isn’t it the same place but destroyed and rebuilt over the ages? If not the tower that priscilla originally resided in has no right to be there as the dreg heap is the only area that makes sense to mash lands and architecture together
It's not related, it's pandering 'cuz why risk coming up with smth original. They decided to give DS1 fanboys the same game with a prettier dress.
Idk how exactly to trigger this but after triggering (not killing) the Slave Knight Gael boss fight in The Ringed City, the Ariandel Chapel started to burn and the painting woman had a unique one liner.
HMM yes I love being sniped off roots where I cant even dodge yesss gimme more FROM
Don’t forget to obtain your titanite Slab after beating world form Corvian Settler
Whats the invade level for the painting?
Isn't annoying forgetting to go offline and get invaded, and the invader cuts the bridge off next to 'Rope Bridge Cave' Bonfire. And now I can't cross the bridge and have to go around the area in my ng++ (Reloaded and restarted, etc..) such annoyance... Here I thought that invaders and summons can't effect your world (cant pull levers/elevators you haven't activated yet).
I’d love to know more about the lore of this world in connection with Ariamis. The painting woman gives me big Pricilla vibes and the way she talks about a “home”.... is her painting one we’ve seen before... I don’t know, but this area is fascinating and has been a blast to experience for the first time. But.... ***** the corvian beanpole with the katana and quills...
woman, please shut your goddamn tree mouth, you're too loud