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is there clothing that boosts faith builds like the blind fold for the pyromancer
Yeah the dusk crown
Both of you idiots are wrong. The Old Sage's Blindfold has no boosting effect and Crown of Dusk only affects Magic, not Miracles or Lightning.



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You're wrong, my man. Crown of Dusk does boost miracles. Test it yourself.
He meant the blindfold mask which actually boosts dark. Common misconception that since they scale the same it also boosts pyromancy. So know your stuff before you call someone an idiot.
SkeletonKeyBlade is an idiot Crown of Dusk doesnt boost miracles it only boosts Darkmoon Blade.
if u dont revive her you cant use her bonfire. however you can still warp to it.
Pretty sure thats not why you cant use it. Check to see if the Slug on her left is alive. If so, kill it. Pretty sure the bonfire should be useable freely afterwards
the slug is heysel kill him
Just here to confirm that you absolutely can use her bonfire with or without Rosaria dead. Inability to use it is likely tied to Hazel (the slug in the room). Just killed Leonhard, have her soul, teleported there and can rest/teleport from there as per normal with Hazel dead. There's really no benefit to reviving her unless you simply want to. Granted, using the soul gives a paltry amount, so it just depends on whether you want the regen spell or not. I have no real use for it on this character and don't care about the small amount of souls, so I might as well resurrect her.


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Gotta love the attempts to tie Rosaria, Leonhards nonsense of a Quest and Gywnevere together. I point out that both her Cov rings in DkS1 and 3 show her to be alive, raising a family and gone from this World. I could give it a pass if they didn't know her image was fake but her Ring drops after killing Leonhard in 3. Ffs!



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Her ds1 ring confirms she left Anor Londo, and her ds3 ring confirms the same thing and that she raised many children. It says nothing about her current status. And her ring is at her room in the Anor Londo cathedral, without having to kill Leonhardt
The most "Healing brush" like item from DS3
I’ve beaten this game soooooo many times and never knew this existed! Doing this today!
If you place the black eye orb into your menu hot bar before killing Leonhard the soul will be equipped in your hot bar in its place, pretty cool.
I transpose her soul for the miracle, i can still interact with rosaria
This is intentional.
There is no benefit to restoring Rosaria using her soul... "Gorgeous View ahead, in short chest"