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Who is the witch Beatrice?
She's a Witch who's named Beatrice.
**** boss i've ever fought.
The ultimate casul is he who summons someone to fight this boss.
Not a casual move to summon the witch considering it makes her a summon for the four kings which is a tough battle without magic
Drops about 10,000 souls
Called Moonlight Butterfly. Is moth.
A butterfly of moonlight is a moth
moonlight butter doesn't fly
I got 10k souls when I beat this boss so I don’t know where 400comes from
They're going of off the ones in the crystal caves not the actual boss
When farming in the crystal caves, if you get a blue titanite chunk/ slab does it automatically go to your inventory or do you have to go pick it up where the butterfly died?
It should automatically give you it since u cant go to moon butterflys body
It drops 400 souls in the Crystal caves
Aye the dude that gives you the estus flask and key in the beginning
Oscar of Astora?
That guy in Elite Knight Set in Asylum
it's so beautiful