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Guys I need help. I get to the top of the castle and I don't get the option to stay loyal to Kuro. I have both the lotus of the fountain and the shelter stone. I don't know what to do. I already got the shura ending but backed up my save and want to stay loyal to Kuro. Thanks
Just say that you will follow the iron code. He will then be talked into severing immortality anyways by kuro.
Do you have the mortal blade?
You probably still need to obtain the Mortal Blade.
If kuro is waiting for me in the secret passage and i already defeated the divine dragon, can i still give him rice for kuro ? i *****ing blew it
It clearly says "before" beating the divine dragon. Sadness :/
Ya blew it, capisce?
Does anyone have a save file before entering the fountainhead palace? its the same guy that blew it smh
So, on my initial blind playthrough of the game, I managed to get the Dragon's Homecoming ending, but there are some inconsistencies with how I got it and the steps listed here. - First, I got all of the necessary rice without eating any, though I did give 2 away to the two grannies that give hints about the fruits of the serpent. I ended up receiving four of the rice items throughout the play, and ended the game with 2 in my inventory. - Second, I never ate any rice balls Kuro gave to me, instead prompting a dialogue of not eating them in front of him, before returning after some time (perhaps a boss fight or more) and receiving another rice ball with unique item text. Based on this, I can confirm without a doubt that neither rice nor rice balls need to be eaten at all to progress this ending. It's important to note that I found the Holy Chapter: Infested after the Corrupted Monk boss fight, down in the Senpou Temple pool of water, and that I got both of the serpent viscera well before I knew what they were needed for. In fact, I had them both before I fought Owl, and also before I had the option to give a Persimmon to the Divine Child. I also gave a Taro Persimmon, which I received from Kotarou's side quest, to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation at one point, which may have prompted one of the additional rice servings. This entire run is recorded on twitch.tv/ciarantheblade if there is any question on the exact order of events I followed. In contrast, I completely missed the secret eavesdropping on Kuro and the entirety of the Father's Bell area. That***** is obscure.
You're right, except for one thing: whether you eat them or give them to the hags you have to make sure you have no rice in your inventory to receive rice from the divine child until after she is sick, then you can get 2 back to back and keep them until you do this part again in NG+. I even had to use the fine snow to receive the rice the first time (rice balls are safe thankfully) but to you must have bo rice in your inventory for the first couple times you ask her, then once you get the rice from waking her up you may keep that one and still get the rice after giving her the persimmon (as well as kuros rice).
No what I hate about these games? The fact you have to complete them multiple times to get everything and all achievements. As an ocd completionist You think I want to waste more times playing through these hard *** games 2-3. Times for an achievement with only 20g? This is bull*****
Oh no baby has to play a hard game more than once. Wahh wahh
lmao bro if it's not fun don't do it
it’s not even that bad after the first play through
Everyone replying to me can ***** off and get lives.
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Found the console player.
Have you tried just not being bad?
That's exactly the point of having different endings. So you can KEEP playing. Also after the first playthrough you basicaly perfected the game's mechanics so the 2nd Playthrough and so on should be "easier"
This is the fun in these kind of games