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I got all the rings but no achievement. is it because i was on journey 7?
im on journey 2 and didn't get it :( maybe its a glitch
Yeah this is pretty annoying. You need all base, +1, and +2 rings. Being on journey 7 shouldn't affect it as long as you get every single one. DLC rings aren't needed for the achievement. If you're on Steam, then sometimes they don't register which is very annoying...I missed a few boss achievements because Steam decided not to activate during gameplay for a few sessions. It's really really dumb how Steam works with From games. Basically, if you start the game and you DON'T see the Steam overlay icon pop up at the top right of the screen, then close the game and try again, cuz Steam won't recognize anything during that play session.
For people struggling to get the trophy/achievement. Try this. Drop 15 rings at a time using the "leave" button. Then pick them back up. Don't do more than 15 or it'll mess up. Also, try putting them all in the box, then pulling them out 1 by 1.
Pretty sure there are more rings than armor sets.
Calamity ring is the best ring
Don't ask those rings from another player, you are ruining your game and you won't deserve the trophy. (that's my opinion btw)
That's your opinion btw
Exactly your opinion only
i've been putting this achievement off for three years lmao
Same, finally about to get it!
ah same here haha, about to go to ng+2 to finish up the rest of them, then I'll have got all the achievements
Goddamn I hate this achievement.
i want to rip my eyes out
There's a ring for that
hmph i need some rings but i dont wanna go to NG+,i guess its time boys
finally starting that *****-ass journey 3 for them *****-ass +2 Rings and the *****-Ass +3 Life Ring wish me luck boys!
If anyone needs the achievement I actually have multiple extra rings I'm willing to drop to you on PC. I found this one in a cave in NG+3 that I'm willing to give up.... Well, now that it comes to it... I don't feel like parting with it. Its mine! I found it! IT CAME TO ME! You,,, you just want it for yourself! but its all mine... my own.... my precious
I suppose you think that was terribly clever