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Why is nobody talking about how the 5th king could be the first but ressurected?
The four (or more) kings
Two-handing a lightning halberd +5 is enough dps to kill them before the next one spawns in ng+. praise the halberd
Just did one fight on NG++ with Gargoyle Helm, Hard Leather Armor + Legs, Knights Gauntlets and one with Mask of the Child + Smoughs Set and didn't see any difference in how many damage I got from the kings melee attacks. Seems to me, you don't need heavy armor with much poise to beat em, although I think without Smoughs helping fat little hand I wouldn't have tried 2-handing my weapon...
Havel + curved sword = 2 EZ
Black iron set + <40 HP /strength+ havel's ring or ring of FAP + 10 zweihander. Have fun trading with the boss, cuz you do not need to dodge anymore. Stay in Zweihander range and these idiots are a joke
+15 painting guardian sword+sunlight blade and havel set makes the fight super ez just watch for the grab..i killed only 3 kings NG5
How are you supposed to kill them before you get the lordvessel? Dude won’t even give me the key to go down there until I have the lordvessel.
If it's the covenant you're after : you can't get to them before acquiring the Lordvessel (and the ring of Artorias, oc), but you can do it before ever talking to Frampt
kill him and he drops it
First comment is wrong, just kill him
Dunno what ur all talkin about, I have ALWAYS killed the 4-Kings b4 entering Sens! All u need is the Masterkey, make ur way to Havel (kill him) and through the door, kill the Hydra and take the ladder behind the boss up to Sif, kill Sif and ur rdy for the 4-Kings....
Havel set+wolf ring up close and they will not be able to stagger or kill you effectively making very easy
i *****ing HATE that projectile
If you still need help, I'd reccomend trying the crystal ring sheild, good magic defense!
Thanks for advice about crystal ring shield, forgot about it.