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She really isn't that bad once you know that you can force her to nuke by flashing her. Once she has her full cloak just flash her from as far away as you can then move further away, you should take little to no damage from the nuke then no longer have to worry about her worst attack. (This might only apply to MR, i just found this out a few days ago and haven't tested it on HR)
Yeah. But you should only be forcing her to use her supernova to get rid of the blue flames on the ground. She will still spam her Supernova in MR to her hearts content regardless if she's flashed or not.


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*Pulls up top in hope she'll nuke me* OwO
Yeah lets make her a lot harder in MR by spamming her nuke every *****ing 10 seconds. Thank god you didnt add that ***** in Assigned quests.
Yep. Not to mention she has a mini nova attack now that doesn't stun you but does a lot of damage. So...shes still easily the most unfun monster still.
You think that's bad? Have you fought MR Kushala? At least Lunastra can be hit and doesn't hide in tornadoes
At least this bull*****fight made deciding not to buy Iceborne easy as hell.
Iceborne is worth every penny IMO. You don't really need to fight Luna for anything. Maybe her guiding lands version for one or two things. But thankfully you can avoid her through and through. It's what I do. I think shes unfun but mainly due to the fact that her hitzones are trash for the weapon I use. Therefore the fight takes way longer.
"Iceborne is worth every penny". LOL. Chock full of this type of crap. They want to force multiplayer.
....monster hunter has always been multiplayer focused tf you on?
Oh no you have to play with other people to down a monster you cant handle. Poor baby
You 2 Jan 5 r3tards don't get it. game should be soloable but iceborne went too far withe the mp requirement. I for one play mp, and the difficulty gap between sp and mp is too big.
As someone who has soloed everything in iceborne at least once so far, I can certainly say you're really exaggerating. Luna's certainly a tough fight, but if you actually know the right techniques they are more than manageable even in master rank. And that's not a boast, I'm just not much of a multiplayer person myself either.
damn, you're a *****... christ...
Not wanting to buy an amazing expansion because you don’t want to fight one monster and blaming it on them forcing multiplayer is the most childish thing I’ve read in any comment on this site. And thats saying a lot. Except for sieges this game is perfectly soloable, and if you can’t handle the heat and throw a temper-tantrum that just means that you’re not even worth the effort of defending this game against. Piece of sh*t man-child.
I hated Teostra, I’m gonna hate this more, ****ing supernovas.
The correct plural term is supernovae
Nobody cares.
Just beat the Teostra + Lunastra quest on my second attempt, took me arounnd 40 minutes. Used Snowfletcher bow + full alfa Legiana set for Lunastra weakness to ice. I had to play around them moving together until they split up, then focused on the Teostra and farcasted away when Luna came. Eventually Teostra went to sleep at nest, chased after him and killed him there. Then i only had to 1v1 the Lunastra, which is still no easy task, but i agree with the bull*****that is her nova. However, with the usage of farcasters and playing defensively, i manages to beat her. She is so aggressive and agile, so much worse than any other elder dragon, she really likes to aggro you for far longer than any other monster, even ignoring your palico, while you try to heal. She's a pain in the ***, not an enjoyable monster at all, and all for a horrible looking armor set.
Some tips for those who are struggling: Bring Jerky. Lunastra's heat damage isn't like taking a hit, it always leaves your red health alone, and jerky will always heal all of your red health. During the supernova if you eat a jerky before you die, you'll be put right back to the health you had when it started. Use your fireproof mantle wisely: Lunastra's normal attacks aren't really that impressive damage wise. The only ones that do significant damage will have an obvious tell like her flame breath. As such save the mantle for when she starts violently glowing. That indicates her supernova is ready to go off at a moments notice. Your mantle will severely weaken the supernova more than anything else so don't waste it soaking up the weak attacks. Lastly her stomach is a big blind spot for her except if she does her run attack. If you aren't aiming for part breaks then stick to her stomach and chip away at her. If all else fails use a farcaster. Better to fall back and restock than take a ride there on a cart.
oh one last tip as well. The supernova is still an attack. It won't damage you during your I-frame animations. If you're out of heals. Superman dive repeatedly or purposely get yourself knocked to the floor in order to wait out the attack and mitigate the damage.
better yet just use windproof gems or charms
This thing is a right c*nt!
imagine arch-tempered master rank lunastra.
I don’t want to...
Oh no.
1. earplugs 5 2. a crystalburst shoot it before it does a fire nova. congrats, no fire nova.
Do Lunastra or Teostra do damage to each other when they attack? Like even if it's non intentional?
I dont think they do, I might be wrong so anybody correct me if you need to
no i believe the developers coded for that not to happen considering that they combine their powers to create a super move then its obivous they dont damage each other this applies to the following monsters teostra and lunastra legiana and shrieking legiana gold rathian and silver rathalos can also apply too pink rathian and azure rathalos rathian and rathalos these monsters once they teamup do not damage each other
I think that they can, but because they're both fire immune, they don't deal much damage to each other, and because they're allied they will never make the other flinch or fall over.