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Is invading effected by your soul level? I'm new to dark souls 3 PvP.
Yes the higher SL you are, the higher SL hosts you invade.


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Hey so do you have to have a host member to play with friends? That seems really tedious and dumb
Yes you need a host, or if you plan to pvp with friends then you can put a password in the arena to connect with them. If you don't know, you unlock arena from a boss in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.
I think you misunderstood. Anyone can be a host. The requirement to be able to host friendly phantoms is to have the area boss alive, being embered by using an ember and of course internet connection and active gold/plus for consoles. You can play with your friends either if all of you have similar soul level and weapon enhancement lvl or using a password to ignore the level restriction.
i have a question regarding online connectivity as i can't really find it elsewhere. when summoning/being summoned/invading how upgraded can your weapons and flasks be for X level bracket(s), it's been a while since i last played and can't remember all the tiny details in this particular area other than make sure you are within 10 or so levels of host/phantom (provided i remembered that correctly) unless you use a password of course
A good measure to go by is SL /10. For instance, at SL 20, a +2 weapon, or SL60 a +6 weapon, up to SL ~90 which you can have a +10 weapon. Estus is not kept track of for summons, so you can have 15 estus +10 and invade someone at SL 1 at the The High Wall. Another good measure to go by is checking your own weapons and SL at each area in the game to see where most people would be. You can invade and be summoned by around +/- 10 levels, and +/- 2 weapon levels.
So is there not a way to get inveded even after defeating the boss in a certain area? I am near end game and I miss the thrill of being invaded.
You can just start a New Game plus, you'll start the entire game again, but the enemies get stronger, and you keep all your gear and levels.
I honestly hate being invaded I'm all about fashion souls and don't care to make a build cuz it isn't necessary for pve I'm over all these invaders with meta builds that still run to mobs so they can heal Playing that game where they just stand around the mobs waiting for me to approach and I'm out of giant seeds is a fun killer
Use dried finger


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Yere kendi imzamı attım ama arkadaşım bunu görmedi, yardımcı olabilir misiniz?
bro ayarlardan restircted yap matchmaking on yap password koyun ve ember kullan
Kankam öncelikle arkadaşınla belirli bazı özelliklerinizin uyuşuyor olması gerekiyor. Mesela ikiniz de aynı şifreyi kullanırsanız birbirinizin işaretini daha rahat görürsünüz. Ama en önemlisi seviyenizin yakın olması lazım. Bu sitedeki online bölümündeki "Summon Range Calculator" kısmından seviyenizin uyuşup uyuşmadığını öğrenebilirsin. Host's level yerine çağıran kişinin seviyesini yazıp Calculate butonuna bas. Çağrılan kişinin sahip olması gereken seviye aralığı gözükecektir (Minimum/Maximum Phantom Level). Maalesef oyunun online mekanikleri çok saçma ve karmaşık, umarım yardımım dokunmuştur.
Is there a list of censored names? Don't wanna try to name myself something funny and find out nobody else can see it...
I don't know which names are censored. But my characters name is "Da *****en Player" and it got censored.
There's a website to check, just google "ds3 name check" or something like that
I swear the region lock in this game is set to be either region 1:Japan, or region 2:Not Japan
That's actually exactly how it's set. There are two regions: Japan and Global. Turning regions on/off is only useful if you're inside Japan.
If you leave items/ prism stones in a hosts world as an invader, will they stay in their world if you leave?
Yes they will stay untill there are too many prism stones of the area gets reloaded.
I got the returning home message during an invasion due to lack of input watching a fight, how long has this been a thing? Or did I just not notice previously?
This is not a thing. There are no time-outs in dark souls for inactivity.
The host may have sent you home. Otherwise it could have been a connection error