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F for the knockback
"miracle builds don't do any damage" sunlight spear: hold my faith
"twice the damage of lightning spear" Woopdidoo
at 40faith/60int, my Crystal Chime+4 +Morne's ring+lightning clutch ring+Sun's first born ring, does around 900-1000 damage to Lothric Knights (lothric castle bonfire).
compared to my Court Sorcerer Staff+ 8, Bellowing dragon ring, young dragon ring, Crystal Soul Spear does 800-900 damage.
sure, my build isnt perfect and is not nearly complete, but at the cost of 1 extra ring, the Sunlight Spear still does more damage then an (unbuffed) Crystal Soul Spear.
so, to those that say Miracles suck, thats not entirely true. most of the dps ones do kinda suck, but just like how sorceries have 2 go-to spells (souls spear, crystal soul spear), miracles have Falling bolt (swordspear+5) 900-1000 and Sunlight Spear 900-1000.
also, miracle dps spells tend to do 1.5-2x damage in melee. sorcereries dont.