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It seems like noone here knows how to do probability calculations... say, you go to the bridge and kill the three ghrus. they have a probability of two times p1 and one times p2 (poison mage) The probability to get one drop is NOT the average of the three. Rather you must ask: What is the probability that three times I get no drop. Then take 100% minus that to know what the probability is to get exactly one drop. here's the formula p(onedrop) = 1-(1-p1)*(1-p1)*(1-p2) multiply by 100 to get percentages. In our example: p1 = 0.0092 (0.92%) and p2 = 0.0168 ( 1.68%) That gives p(onedrop) = 3.48%.
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farming 26 of these took me 1 hour with 330 I. discovery . idk
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The probability calculations seem to be correct. The odds of you getting *at least* one swordgrass when killing the three ghrus by the keep ruins bonfire is ~3.5%(3.4807661952%), assuming of course that the chances of 1.68% from the caster and 0.92% from the shieldbearing are correct. I noticed this, because it is impossible for the chance to get at least one from the three is less than getting one from just the caster. On average this means you have to farm them ~857 times to get 30 swordgrass for the wolf ring, compared to the 2500 times it would take on average if the 1.2% was correct. So hopefully that made someone's day a little brighter. ^^
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From keep ruins, locking on to the caster with CSS one shots both the caster and one of the spear bois. Care not to knock the third one off tho.