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The era of STR tards using this cancerous weapon is over, now is the time for pro dodgy players with skill instead of poise in pvp. The zweihander, as well as the other*****tty STR weapons, don't stand a chance aganst skilled pkcs users.
You're really still posting this stuff huh
You're right, if by skill you mean cancerous r1 spam with the longest bull*****weapon in the game
Hold on did u just called PKCS skill ? gtfo your worthless breathing simp.
*laughs in hyper armor*
imagine unironically thinking str builds are more cancerous than pkcs users
greatsword go kaboom
Dodgy dex users cant handle delayed R1
How could you say something so vile
haha true combo go brrrrr
That's it getting me bass cannon!
Don't tell anybody that you had to invest one point into dex to use this, it's our secret to keep
If only this was a little bit faster.
There has to be some kind of balance
Unable to power up the basscannon :(


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my favorite sword!
long may the sun shine!
you mean your grandfathers


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This is the best weapon in the universe, and if you don't agree UR A FKN CASUL.
your damn right
The legend never dies!
The gitter of all guds
Behold the power of TWO HANDS!
It's called two hander after all
It's not the best Ultra Greatsword, but it is the classiest.


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I'm sorry GiantDad, but I had to invest two point to dex....
You weren't supposed to tell anyone!!!