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I'd find it funny if the non-hostile Man-Grub, in Rosaria's Chamber, was Heysel... she invades once, gets beat, respecs/remakes herself to try to beat you again. Then invades, again, and again, only to eventually become a Grub... lol.
This is my headcanon now
It actually is Heysel, if you follow the Leonhardt questline, he is the room at the same time with the non-hostile man-grub and talks about how Heysel believes all the fingers are comrades. Then if you kill the man-grub he drops Heysel's pick and the xanthous crown. There is also a item/npc that says that too many rebirths turns you into a man-grub.
I can't help but think the man-grubs share some similarities to the angel larvae in the Dreg Heap...
If only we could ascend to the Godliness of the Man-Grubs.....
Also known as The Globglogabgalab race
my dude
thank god i wasn't the only one who thought this
The one suposed to drop the xanthous crown and heysel pick doesnt appear for me. Ive tried leveling up the covenant and teleporting back and forth. What am i doing wrong. And yes. I have killed the abyss watchers
You need to kill the invader for it to appear
no u *****ing don't, I didnt kill the inivader and i still got it. I think you have to kill someone who makes rosaria give you the grey eye orb.
they're immune to poison/toxic :)
The first time I saw this enemy I felt goosebumps
i wish the white spell from staff-wielding man grubs was actually useable from the player, i dont care if it would be literally the easiest to dodge spell that you could literally dodge by just slow walking, this spell has a very fancy design and i would totally use it against NPCs if it costed like only 1 FP each, i mean, cmon, spells like farron dart that deal pitiful damage cost 3 FP, so why not have this spell costing 1 FP since it deals a lot more damage than farron dart, it would actually be a bit useful to spam against certain slow bosses since they are huge and have huge hitboxes
an good example for the mentioned slow-bosses would be for example the old demon king or the crystal sage since they would hardly dodge anything that you throw at them
i get around 50.000 souls per hour by farming these around the rosaria's chamber while using the silver serpent ring
That’s an...okay spot. May I recommend the Distant Manor bonfire in Irithyll? You simply run into the nearby sewers and kill the weird spider things. It’s an amazing spot tbh
Why is the part about Smough even there?? The "superficial resemblance" is extremely weak to be worth of any mention.
Iol Fully agreed. Their skin isn’t even close to being “shiny golden” - it’s pink and flesh coloured as you’d expect from some rotting corpse .