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I'd ***** that *****
Why does hitting the man grub deal damage to her? Is this also part of the lore?
probably just a shared hit box
her bonfire is not only a place with the most useful npc that does not show up at firelink shrine (rosaria itself), but also, the big fat slugs around the place are a perfect early game soul-farming material, just slash them all with a straight sword, it takes a lot less time than farming at farron keep perimeter, you can get up to 1500 souls every 1 minute and a half if you are fast enough or 2 minutes at its slowest, while farming at farron keep perimeter takes 5+ minutes to farm like 2000 souls if you are super fast.... conclusion: rosaria's chamber is lowkey the 2nd best bonfire at the game, being only worse than firelink shrine's bonfire
yeah pretty much this AND the fact that farming at farron keep perimeter also brings many death-risks since the enemies there are super-fast and take up a lot of HP while the enemies around rosaria's chamber are slow as ***** and deal low damage as well, and to avoid the bleeding damage from the leech vomit, you just need to keep your torch on the off hand
if rebirthing more than 5 times turns you into an grub-man, then these "rebirthings" might be just extremely-risky plastic surgery (including on the brain if you count intelligence-stats-changing upon rebirthing). think about it
Tbh yeah but Rosaria Mother of Rebirth sounds better than Rosaria the Plastic Surgeon.
Adding this in the comments as I assume it’s bad juju to put it in the guide proper, there’s a bug with Rosaria’s Stat reallocation that essentially allows you to respec unlimitedly. To explain it in a way that makes sense to me, when you respec the game autosaves, so WITH THE MENU STILL OPEN, instead of clicking “Leave” close your application. Since it autosaved after you respec’d but you didn’t select “Quit Game” in the pause menu, you’ll reload the game from the last save and have the stats you respec’d for without expending any of your limited Rebirth’s.



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... This is still a thing? I would have assumed they patched this.

Seems like a simple fix, just don't trigger the autosave until the rebirth is confirmed.
Maggot waifu
Anime made catgirls, fromsoft made maggotgirls. Japan never fails to amaze the world. When are we getting girlgirls, girls with some characteristics from girls?
She’s not actually a maggot thing it’s just her sat in bad with another maggot - you can see her legs
5 rebirths is stupid we should have infinite