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"When you gain insight you will hear several, quick, faint whispers" I didn't realize there was a point where you don't hear several faint whispers. Why is the sound so damned chaotic in this one? It makes me way more jumpy than I need to be.
Are you sure you're not experiencing auditory hallucinations in real life?
If your inaight meter near 99 or it is 99 dont use your mad mans. I lost 73 mad man because of the *****ng 99 limit. I didnt know anythgn about 99 limit and my 1 ng cycle and chalice runs mad mans *****ed up. God damn *****ng 99 limit!!!!
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Because he doesn't have enough insight
I was hearing Gerhman's voice while he was sleeping with only 11 insight. Has anyone had any similar experiences or an explanation for this?
That happens after the Kos fight, they got it wrong
It happens after the Kos fight
Maybe both are triggers. I've heard his sleep dialogue early in the game (just after Amelia) while having more than 15 insight.
This is the double-edged sword Humanities needed to be. Considering Humanity gathers at the Abyss, imagine if having more Humanities (The counter) would turn you into something entirely different from Hollowing. Much like what it did to Artorias. It's done so much better here in Bloodborne.
Having humanity makes you much more susceptible to invasions. In DS III you cannot be invaded at all unless you're Enkindled.
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There seems to be 2 different types of insight in game insight and lore insighti.e defeating rom lets you see things that normally require insight
My understanding is that Rom is the one who hides these things. So if you have enough insight, you can see some of the things Rom is hiding. But once Rom is dead, you don't need insight to see these things anymore, because they are no longer hidden.