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i will make a build based around only this spell and soul greatsword for R2. i might use soul stream also, as a weapon art.
Fun and surprisingly viable in pvp due to the sheer speed. I use it to guard break since theres no stagger as opposed to hitting with a one hand weapon. And comboing it with the immolation tinder moveset can be terrrifying
The Man-grub's Staff actually has a longer Flashsword range than the Izalith Staff, because the sword does not actually manifest at the end of the Izalith Staff. The Man-Grub's staff manifests the blade an additiona 1.5 flashsword hilts further than the Izalith Staff, but is luck based in its scaling. The difference is most easily spotted by going to the raised balcony above pontiff and using flashsword into the corner of the balcony so you can measure based on the railing arches.
What is the fking point of this spell?? You can just use any of those casuls' r1 spamming straight sword for better damage output
It is immune to parry and shield ?
It's not immune to parries. Anyway the point of this spell is to give casters a fast melee spell. It can also be used to alter a melee catalyst's moveset, like the Heysel Pick or Immolation Tinder. Not every build uses a straight sword, so this definitely has a purpose.
Use with the man-grub staff for a a very LONG magic straight sword. That is, if you're feeling lucky enough to use that garbage.


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Spellcasting weapons like the Heysel Pick, Golden Ritual spear, Immolation Tinder, and (if you hate yourself) the cleric's candlestick can r1 > farron flashsword combo if you have neough casting speed. You can even add a soul greatsword afterwards to rollcatch.
Is it faster to spam r1 with one staff or alternate between r1 and l1 with two? I tried it but can't really tell a difference.
It's not faster, but it definitely looks cooler.
Besides the Preacher's Right Arm and the Izalith Staff, what's the optimal staff to use for Int build swordmage using Darrin Flashsword if you want both damage and range?
Court Sorceror's staff is too short be to really make it any more useful than just using R1 with a melee weapon.