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The absolute stupidest NPC's of all the dark souls games. - Doesn't follow you - Gets stuck - Stands around in boss fights, attacks once the entire time if you're lucky - Falls off the path into the water and dies - Sometimes stands at the boss door and doesn't go in - Doesn't heal
I never understood why the questline NPCs had to use separate animations and tactics than regular npc invaders or spirits. Their AI was way worse as a result of being made from scratch by a dev team that was already getting rushed. Regardless lucatiel is best sadbait and deserved so so so much better
why Lucatiel of Mirrah uses the greatsword swing as a long sword?
Because she's buff as hell.
The most depressing character I ever meet and justifiably, I feel bad for her
Every character in this game is in same boat... She was a master swordsman, she is her own brother, the curse makes her forget this, so she had a great life of fame before the curse, so understandably she's depressed...
I once saw her without her mask in the Lost Bastille. Damn was she ugly
Can anyone explain this note from the page? "Note: Is not necesary to use her as summon to get her set, just defeat the bosses and talk to her in all the encounters, Aldia's Keep should be the last encounter." I beat every boss in the game, then went and spoke with her at Aldia's Keep and she did not give me her set. I never summoned her for any of the fights, but according to this note from the page she should still have given me the set. Has anyone actually been able to get the set from her without summoning her?
I don't know if that note is accurate. One play through, I killed all the bosses, then talked to her and she never gave my set. Second time, I summoned her, she survived all boss fights and she gave me her set.
"Note: Is not necesary to use her as summon to get her set, just defeat the bosses and talk to her in all the encounters, Aldia's Keep should be the last encounter." Do NOT follow this note. Whoever wrote this was on crack. You need to summon. Otherwise you have wasted your chance at the achievement till the next cycle. She disappears without giving you her equipment.
i tried her quest but this mfer could NOT stay alive at all for any of the bosses.
I honestly never even knew before now that Lucatiel was in Black Gulch... huh, learn something new about these games every day. Not that she would be particularly useful against the rotten, nor is she really needed for that fight know but it's interesting nonetheless.
in the original DS2 she was by the bonfire that is locked behind the petrified hollow (which also, the statue wasnt blocking that bonfire in the base game), but i just finished her questline for the achievement and had forgotten about the ledge that leads to her (havent jumped down to it since my very first playthrough of the original ds2)
could not get her to stay alive during the rotten, npcs have no chill and dont know how to back off
Lucatiel is a very interesting character when you analyze her properly. Out of all the Souls games, she is the only person who is able to report to you the effects of becoming hollow. In DS1, it was a little mysterious when The Crestfallen Warrior, Laurentius, Nico and Vince go hollow; there seems to be no reason why (While Siegmeyer's hollowing can be explained thanks to the elaborations made in DS3, but that's besides the point). Lucatiel actually tells you what going hollow feels like, first is forgetting why you ever came to Drangleic in the first place, leaving a heavy question to dispel any reason to leave. Then, memories, oldest to most recent, begin to fade, including birthplace, names, loved ones, etc. Lastly, basic motor functions and core sentience are at risk, which is when the true "hollowing" takes place, leaving an empty husk. She tells us about her own hollowing, while others just up and leave, leaving their animated corpses to be found. That's why I like her as a character, she opens up to you. Too bad she sucks at fighting.