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I don't understand why this weapon, and several like it got nerfed. IMO it would have been a better move to just up the stat requirements instead of gutting the weapon. Isn't that what happened to the dragonslayer axe? I totally understand if the weapon is way OPed, but I feel like it would be much better if they did it that way. Like the FB, you create your build around the weapon itself. Maybe i'm just swore I never got to use this weapon before it got nerfed, I really don't see anyone using it in PvP anymore. Aside from dark builds because of the scaling, that's one cool think I guess.
Still good for chaos and dark builds due to the CCAA scaling at +10. Otherwise it has now been surpassed by other weapons due to the nerfing. Only time I ever see it used in PvP now is for dark builds.
Restore to it's former glory
No, it was absolute cancer. All these mad Oroboro fanboys lol
Where to start. Less range nerfed to less than a scimitar... Stamina use nerfed so a swing uses as much a greatsword, damage nerfed below comparable weapons. Weapon swing speed nerfed so all flip curved swords completely outclass kick ones. Why can't Fromsoft nerf things without going off the cliff with it?
Cause they don't care about PvP. The super nerf is manageable in PvE because there's so many other viable, similar weapons but constantly tweaking for PvP is not their thing
Why is there no mention on the page about the nerf? It was all people talked about for months. This went from a weapon that everyone was using to a weapon no one would ever use again in the course of 24 hours. Like I understand both sides, but the update that nerfed this sword basically patched it out of existence. A good balance was never found I guess.
You want a section about the nerf that happened 3 years ago and the different opinions that people have about it?
"We balanced it so well that nobody will ever use it again! Good job team"