Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki
Looking for summon help with manus, ps4
Need help with manus on ng+ lvl 114
I need help with champion gundr ng+5 lvl175
Need help with death trying to get moonlight greatsword on PS4 ng
Add thelastsaiyan69 for help
PC need help with DLC Artorias placed summon sign im lev 86
Need help with fire sage demon please leave summon sign in from of white light
Add my discord: C0SM1CツLøstWølf, if you need any assistance in dark souls remastered for switch, you can copy and paste the username, I'll see ya in-game for some good ol jolly cooperation
need tag for discord friend search
if anyone on switch version wants to help me out, grind covenant items off me, or anything, discord is SwaggitySwooty#8027 hmu
switch version. summon "demon sorcerer" if you want help through the undead parish, im grinding for souls all day