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So is she Gwyns bastard child which he kept hidden to make sure no one realised he clapped them dragon cheeks? I mean if you talk with her and choose "No, i cant fly" she'll say "I'm ashamed to say, I know not much of anything..." and why that would be? That or she may be a daughter of the Nameless but gods decided to take her as their own (but still hide her cuz daddys criminal/search/life history had 2 b deleted)
Amazing feet ahead!


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Oh, for Gwyns sake! The whole reason I locked her up was to avoid this reaction.
What dragon did Gwyn bone to make Yorshka?
Seath the pale drake from ds1
That would be interessting... with Gwyn an Seath both as her father(s)
Or Seath bone Gwyn's wife...
Priscilla. Them old time gods love the incest
Why does this page still say that Aldrich may have dreamt of Priscilla or yorshka? It's clearly Priscilla cause yorshka is not a pale young girl in HIDING, she's imprisoned by sulyvahn as per the dialogue.



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i mean i could try to edit it but some one higher up would probably change it back
Priscilla was imprisoned too
anyone else notice in her concept art that she isn't scaleless
In game she has scales as well
(After being ganked by darkmoons and stupid hosts over 9000 times) yeah, i m going to rip her scales one by one.
Me after hearing which convenant she commands.
this is the fun police and we noticed you were trying to invade someone well no there will be no fun enjoy getting ganked by two of us just because the host is too cowardly to fight you like a man
Loathe me all you want. You know what you're doing and she's gonna pay for it.
I'm surprised invaders are so salty- unless you use red soapstone, you're invading someone who doesn't want it. You deserve to deal with the consequences
"the host is too cowardly to fight you like a man" that's funny because every red spirit that enters my world runs away to stand in the middle of a group of enemies once they take one or two hits
Anon 2 jun - most hosts go throughout the game with 2 phantoms on their back (some scumbags also have way of blue too )cheesing the whole game with r1 spams until they get to the dlc. The very action of summoning throws away the "champion of ash" title making the host an impostor and surely they aren't going to choose a 1 vs 1 against the invaders who managed to kill their phantoms. Whatever bull*****you re calling with the word "consequence" is gonna bite you in the *** at the spears of the church.
She is so cute ^^ Also, keep in mind: Yorshka's Chime: "At 60 FTH it has a spellbuff of 247." - Kill the innocent creature. Required Faith 30. Saint's Talisman: "At 60 FTH it has a spellbuff of 242." - No need to kill the innocent creature, can be obtained in early game (sewer at Undead Settlement). Required Faith 16. The choice is obvious.
Meh. She's a god, they deserve death.
I would let her live if she didn't turn a covenant of vengeance into a covenant of ganks, but you know how cruel natural selection is.
I slaughtered that ***** instantly, lol!
Get *****ed
The Cathedral of the Deep, Church of Yorshka and various other spires in Anor Londo all have a figure of a cat protruding out from their roofs. There is one right above Yorshka’s head. DEEPEST LORE.