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I hate this guy, harder than nameless king
Do you help?
Obviously this can be hard, if you are playing online. I am playing offline and this was the only boss I beat on my first try. I had Havel's set and Black Knight Sword. It didn't do that much damage and I could just run at him before he landed the blow. I killed the helpers by hiding behind the pillar. I actually was wondering what kind of boss this will be after I kill it for the first time, but it actually just died. Although I think it's just a stage before Gael.
I don't have a PS+ account so online isn't a choice for me. Let me tell you something. If a fully charged two-handed R2 from a Fume UGS on NG+7 isn't enough to stagger him, or even pushing him, then you know that Miyazaki built the perfect poise man.
Maybe if you wait for the evident perseverance effect to wear off?
Halfparry, spear of the spam filter.
I think they applied the*****ty online netcode to this fight. My 3 inch is touching the bum and all I do is swing
*****ing Sasuke Uchiha looking mother*****er
The boss for the spears of the church was a player in my playthrough, but I honestly can't remember if I got a titanite slab for defeating them. Or do you need kill this Half-Life dude?
Im glad that, in this dlc, ganking everything throughout the whole game would come back to bite you in the ***.
Its amazing how quickly this game can go from absolutely horrific to amazing in the span of a couple of cut scenes
Don't bother helping anymore... haters gonna hate just because they have to stop spamming r1 with 2/3 phantoms for once in their entire playthrough. They'll rather complain and whine about a boss that requires a little but of brains and eyes to defeat. Let them die... (this was the original comment but only posted the "sigh" because reasons)