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I got bored so I decided to infuse 4 of these. One with Crystal, one with Chaos, one with Lightning and one with Dark. This weapon is a beast. I love using it to golf the enemies in this game. Especially ringed Knights. They are all +10 too but Dark and Chaos seem to be the best infusions. Limit Breakers made a really good video about the highest AR in DS3 and this weapon is the best if you go for pure AR. I'm currently on lv60 on all stats (except luck) and this weapon Still is better than most of my other weapons. Why do I say that? I don't know, maybe it helps someone. Cheers.
Why is it show up as A strength scaling in the "Max" tree but B when you choose the "Heavy" tree? Someone pls give me the info.
Upgrade this monster to +10, give it some sharp infusion, level up to 50 dex, buff with lightning blade or crystal magic weapon, and watch enemies die with 1 or 2 hits at your 1000+ AR, but beware of parry, because this weapon has slow attacks, i would recommend staying defensive and attack when the enemy is charging at you so the change of being parried is lower
Edit: chance*** of being parried
this weapon easily has the potential to kill iudex gundyr with one hit
*looks at video where it one-shots Pontiff Sulyvahn*
218 base starting AR and still can be infused and buffed and can be +10??? now that's just overkill lol
can this weapon reach permanent-1000-damage??? i mean, reaching 1000 damage without a buff, just the infusion and +10 upgrade, because buffing is not permanent... i mean, maybe if you level up enough of both strenght AND dexterity you can actually get it to perma-1000-damage, and that would make any boss fight very easy lol
yes, you can actually do a permanent 1000 damage by infusing it with chaos or dark gems and wearing fire or dark clutch rings (depending on the infusion, fire clutch ring for chaos infusion and dark clutch ring for dark infusion) together with lightning clutch, but i would not recommend doing this because clutch rings decrease your defense greatly, i would instead recommend using Flynn's Ring with a very light armor and using havel's ring for extra damage increase from the Flynn's Ring, and also using Life Ring+3 and Ring of Steel Protection+3 to compensate the low defense from your light armor, and you still have one space for any other ring you want
It likely is possible. Just requires major stat investments. I managed to reach 674 with it at 40 FTH and a Blessed infusion, haven't leveled a single bit into either str/dex
Hah! garbage casuls actively looking for highest weapon damage sure love this*****ty slow *** sword. Let me remind you this. It's all come down to skill and speed instead of AR and poise in pvp. You see, I always use my pkcs in both hand and it deals significantly less damage than your*****ty sword right here yet i still managed to own a*****-ton of you scrubs haha, talking about skill...
You may have a point there about skill, but the extremely high salt value of your comment suggests you have been slapped around by this sword more than once.
why are you so salty casul
point down emote
> pkcs > skill
Seems like you and this sword aren't really great freinds, but be like midir, when surrounded by darkness... feast. In conclusion join us or get 2 shot
Okay fair point but why should you***** on people for using a weapon that they like just because you got slapped by it? It's a game after all, there aren't any "rules" on what to and what not to use
someone definetly got owned by the lk greatsword a few too many times
You are not a good person.
I can easily one shot Cathedral Knights in deacons of the deep with this. 60/60 F/I lightning infused.
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So is it a waste to infuse it with lightning of not?
Infused with lightning it has the biggest lightning ar of all the weapons. It's worth it.