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I ve noticed this boss has a special difficulty change with ng+. The first phase barely changes anything besides health and damage output, but second phase changes the attack frequency of the nameless king. So in ng it's attacks are delayed by slow walks towards the player as well as some seconds delay between attacks, but from ng+5 on, he attacks about as much as the dragonslayer armour. So this is the only boss who truly gets harder with subsequent ng+.


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Really simple and quick strategy I found: Infusing Chaos into a +10 Drakeblood Greatsword will shred him as long as you hit in between his combos and dodge. It also does decent damage in the 1st phase of the fight, but I'd still recommend using an ultra greatsword charged thrust attack to deal damage to the dragon. You can one cycle the critical attack with a Sharp Astora Greatsword easily.


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This boss is a *****ing joke.. Can't see***** during first phase.. On first attempt thought it's a puzzle boss.. Once I figured out its just bad camera boss, killed him on third attempt..
Killed him on my 31st attempt...
Someone should insert in this page the name (and the link) of his weapon.
I’m rushing into this boss tomorrow. I have +10 estoc, corvian scythe And +5 profaned gs, Fume Ultra, and pontiff scythe! Any recommendations or tips before I take a few swings?
Don't attack first. That's pretty much all you have to keep in mind
Git gud
Fricken hecc this boss. I quit
Git gud.
Nameless King is one of the best bossfights ever. Too bad you have to kill a chicken to get there.
I was just coming back to dark souls 3 after a few years and jumped into Nameless king with no shield and just sell sword blades +10 and it was close but those swords make quick work of the wyvren and nameless king if you time your dodges. Try it!
I went into this fight just testing the waters and I managet to beat it first try (Even thoug I had no estus left),I was so confident I tryed killing SoC after him and got my *** handed to me on a silver plate
Nameless camera