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I remember doing things so randomly during the first game... I managed to bumble my way through fights with Sif, then beat the Four Kings sometime later, but I didn't bother with going to the Blighttown since I was curious about the New Londo ruins since the start of the game after getting murdered there thrice. Well... no overly long explanation of what i did trying to get through, but I'll just say it took me a couple days to get through everything since I was a noob, but I managed to access the Four Kings boss fight, and after getting curb-stomped for god knows how long... I finally killed them. I do not remember how I didn't die to the abyss the first playthrough, but I assume that I put Covenant of Artorias on without learning what it did, then never bothered switching rings for a long time after that. Welp... I was surprised to see the snake head Kaathe, but rolled with it and joined his covenant and blah blah blah... nothing much else happened until I got off my lazy ***, and went to the*****hole, or I should say... Blighttown. I ring the bell, all good right? well... much to my confusion, I see what I thought was Kaathe, but when I went to talk to him he just said "You sorry fool, blah blah blah..." and left. That confused me enough to go back through New Londo to check up on Kaathe, but his seemingly unchanged state, and lack of dialogue made me assume this was a just an odd bug in the game... I did beat the game long while after that, then moved onto to dark souls 2 and other games, but then years later I played DS1r.... now after playing DS1R for awhile while doing things a bit differently... I was shocked I only just now find out about Frampt here. I guess in a nutshell: this plot twist was made just for stubborn, extremely curious, undead warriors like me... very sneaky addition, from software! to think, I also fell for the pendent joke the same first playthrough. I'm basically a big ol' double sucker. :P
Not sure that not being able to tell the difference between the serpents is a plot twist. They have different voices and demeanors
That they have different names was surely a clue that they might not be the same snake?
-yo bring a friend for my homeboy -is he cute? *looks over* -yeah my nigga cute man!
I hate him
Soul of Smough only gives 1 soul when fed to Frampt
its because fraampt despises smough
let's all feed frampt some dung pies it will taste awful! lol


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Can we assume, from what we see of him carrying the player, that these creatures have great throat game?


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"Those who seek the Realm of the Lords must brave Sen's Fortress, a deadly house of traps. Many have gone before you, but none have returned. Fate has chosen you, but proceed with caution." I can only think of one type of traps when hearing those lines, and it's not the kind in Sen's Fortress...
I think Frampt is in Gwyn's side but when I choose to be Dark Lord, they say let Kaathe and Frampt serve you. What does it mean? Frampt must serve me as Dark Lord's servant even if he was in Gwyn's side?
Maybe it's the same being with many different heads.
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Kill more bosses