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You can indeed do a gank squad, but at the cost of being absolute s h i t while alone. Have a good death, *****es
Invasion priorities at Pontiff's: Beginner solo host screaming in terror - 3 invaders, 5 minutes. Host and 2 phantoms - 1 invader, 15 minutes.
I don’t man, I’ve summoned 2 other phantoms and would get 2-3 invasions within the first couple minutes.
Wtf it summned me to irythill dungeon
Is this useless for strengthbuilds in terms of rewards.
Yes, mostly useless. The tier one reward gives a 20 int spell, and the tier two reward is a staff that lets you have sorceries scale with faith instead of int. Though the staff has a D in strength scaling, so do all other staves, and none of them reach C-tier.
Aaaand... wich covenant is? Watchdogs of farron would be the only one.
Can someone hook me up with Soul Dregs??
You can trade covenant items
Now I'm not saying the covenant or its players are dumb, all I'm saying is that all other coinvaders kinda get the value of a teammate when faced with a gank. As a moundmaker, getting attacked by you guys is the most annoying part of playing at meta pontiff. We are teammates. How hard is that to understand?
Sry man, with mound makers you never know. I guess is because you re not part of a group and "friendly fire" is the last thing you want to be concerned with when you re dealing with ganks.
most of my experiences with mound makers sums them up as braindead. And I will keep attacking a lone purple before 'cause I would rather die to a gank not an R1 spam purple when I'm near the host/phantoms
actually the moundmakers have no allegiances or sense of "team". they are "mound makers". they dont care who or what their vertebra comes from, they just want a pile of them. .....also aldrich faithful are sworn to protect the secrets of anor londo from all kindled ash.. they worship the devourer of gods. why would a sworn protector want to ally with a blood crazed invader of their sanctuary? think.